Alberto Balsam Mulberry and Acai Berry Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi there! When I hit the local Poundstore a few weeks ago, I spotted a couple of interesting looking new products by Alberto Balsam. Their standard assortment doesn’t impress me much, but their current limited edition Superfruits looked promising. There are three different scents available and I opted for Mulberry and Acai Berry.

On the bottles it says ‘extra nourishing for coloured or damaged hair’. I’ve been using the shampoo and the conditioner daily for about 3 weeks now and I would have guessed they’re for people with rather oily hair. The shampoo is really powerful – it sucks the grease right out of my pores. Wow!

My husband (oily skin + hair) is using this shampoo too. He said it is one of his favourites to use after the gym because it cleanses his hair and scalp so well. The conditioner is alright. It’s nothing special, but it’s not bad either. It detangles my hair without making it feel heavy or greasy, so it does the job.

Alberto Balsam Superfruits Mulberry and Acai Berry Shampoo and Conditioner are available as 400ml each. They’re £1.29 each at the big supermarkets, but you can find these products for £1 in Poundstores.1 in Poundstores.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

2 thoughts on “Alberto Balsam Mulberry and Acai Berry Shampoo & Conditioner

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