Garnier Skin Naturals Dark Spot Corrector

Hi there! I hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. This is a bit of a funny post for me since I haven’t used the Garnier Skin Naturals Dark Spot Corrector on my face. However, I’ve used it on my husband’s face, so I think I’m qualified to review the product. 🙂

My husband has developed a few dark spots over the past year or two, and one of these dark spots – a big one on his cheek – has bugged him quite a lot. So I bought him the Dark Spot Corrector which claims to reduce the appearance of dark spots.
Garnier Dark Spot Corrector
So did it work? I’d say it somewhat worked. I’ve applied the cream to his dark spots twice a day and most of them are significantly paler than a couple of months ago. They’re still present, but not as pronounced as they used to be.

I am not sure if I would recommend this product – I would say it depends on the result you want to achieve. However, there is one flaw that I need to point out. The Dark Spot Corrector does not have sunscreen. I know some people prefer an SPF-free face cream, but I think that a product that aims to fade skin discolourations – many of which are caused by exposure to sunlight –  should contain some sort of sunscreen.

If you want to give Garnier Skin Naturals Dark Spot Corrector a try, 50ml set you back between £2.99 and £9.99. So keep your eyes peeled for the best offer. 😉

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

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