Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB Cream 001 Nude Radiance

miss psortyMiss Sporty Morning Baby BB CreamHi there! I could never warm up to primers because they make my dry skin worse, but someone suggested I try a BB Cream – and that’s what I did. I thought I’d start with a cheap product and see how it goes first. And that’s how I ended up using Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB Cream in 001 Nude Radiance.

At first let me tell you that this product is not a BB Cream. It doesn’t contain sunscreen and I don’t feel like I’m getting any skin benefits from it. It claims to be a skin perfecting make-up, but I don’t see it. At all.

Based on my experience using this product under my actual make-up for several weeks now, I don’t think it’s moisturising, it doesn’t erase skin imperfections, it doesn’t make my skin feel or look smoother, and it doesn’t give my skin a natural complexion.

I find the shade 001 Nude Radiance to be too dark and too orange. I would have expected a lighter shade. I’m also not happy with the coverage I get from this BB Cream – it doesn’t do much in this regard.

Another thing that really annoys me is that I have to apply the right amount the first time as it’s not buildable and it will start to crumble (yes, crumble!). I have now found the right amount of product to use, but the tube is almost empty…

I wouldn’t really recommend Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB Cream – unless you have oily skin and an even skin tone. I know this product is aimed at teenagers, but I don’t see how it would help cover up blemishes and the likes.

If you want to try Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB Cream, it’s available in two shades – Nude Radiance and Beach Radiance – for £3.49 each at most drugstores.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

5 thoughts on “Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB Cream 001 Nude Radiance

  1. Thanks for an honest review!! I have personally struggled with primers for a long time. It pisses me off because I want my makeup to last longer.

    Something I dud, which is really working is this…
    I apply a moisturizer and wait about 15 min. Enough time to do eye makeup. I’m using Olay Regenergist micro sculpt. Then I was applying Benefit Porefessional until I found the Nyx pore primer was a 100% dupe. So, I apply that and then my makeup has sunscreen. I get very flawless coverage.

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    • Hi hun, thanks for the great advice! xx

      I can imagine that you need all the sunscreen you get in AZ. And judging from your photos, you do a fantastic job protecting your skin. Your face looks absolutely flawless.

      By the way, I think I will be switching from makeup remover pads to gauze. Thank you for sharing this incredible secret. 🙂


      • You will love the gauze!!!! Tell me what you think when you try it. Thank you for the compliment!!! I don’t go in the sun at all. I actually have an allergy to it (thank god) or else I’d be bronzing out there daily.

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