Yves Rocher Pure Light – Light and Luminous Foundation Beige 200

Hi there! I received a sample of Yves Rocher’s Pure Light – Light & Luminous Foundation Beige 200. This foundation claims to have a second skin effect and to enhance skin’s radiance and softness. So I put it to the test.

Let’s start with what’s good. The foundation is easy to apply and it feels very silky and smooth on my dry skin. Its scent is subtle and pleasant. The shade is a true beige with yellow undertones – it is not orange at all.YR sample Light Luminous
Now here’s what I didn’t like. This foundation provides light coverage only. Those who want or need medium to full coverage would be disappointed. I also found Beige 200 way too dark for me. Whilst I am a pale girl, I wouldn’t expect the 2nd lightest shade of a foundation line to be this dark.

If you have near flawless skin and if you want a foundation with light coverage only, you may want to try this one. Yves Rocher’s Pure Light – Light & Luminous Foundation is available as 30 ml for £21. It’s quite pricey, but Yves Rocher does half price or BOGOF offers all the time.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

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