Max Factor Pan Stik 12 True Beige, 25 Fair

Hi there! Let’s talk foundation. I’ve been using many different foundations over the years and I’ve always been on the hunt for something better – until I discovered the incredible Max Factor Pan Stik. I’m using two different shades at the moment – 25 Fair and 12 True Beige. (Scroll down for swatches – unblended and blended.)

Max Factor Pan Stik 15

25 Fair is my go-to shade for most of the year. It’s supposed to be the lightest shade, but it can look orange if you apply too much. 12 True Beige is a beautiful soft beige and I use it as my winter foundation.

The Pan Stik has the most incredible coverage. It covers everything – redness, sun spots, acne… you name it. But it’s no surprise since the Pan Stik was originally developed as a stage make-up almost 100 years ago.

Some say ‘it’s a concealer’, but it’s not. You can use it as a concealer if you want to, but the Pan Stik is a foundation.

I apply the product by ‘drawing it on’ my face. A couple of strokes on my cheeks, chin, forehead, under my eyes… and then I blend it with my fingers.

Two minutes later my face looks basically flawless. However, I then use a sponge to give my foundation the perfect finish and to make sure there aren’t any fingerprints on my face.

My skin is very dry, so I don’t need to apply powder. Ever. This foundation simply lasts all day on me.

I would recommend to use powder if you have normal skin, but I wouldn’t really recommend the Pan Stik if you have oily skin.

Still, if you have dry skin (even with several dry patches) and want full coverage, the Pan Stik is for you.

I also don’t think that the Pan Stik looks cakey at all if it’s applied the way it should be (with fingers, then blended out with a sponge) on dry or normal skin.

While it’s obvious that I am wearing make-up, my face looks simply flawless. I don’t look airbrushed, and I don’t look like I ‘towelled it on’. Thanks to the Pan Stik, I look like someone who has great skin and only needs a light foundation – even though my skin is not great at all and the foundation is very rich. 🙂

And I love that my faces looks dewy. Yes, I have dry skin with dry patches. For years I’ve envied other women whose faces looked dewy because I thought my skin could never look like theirs no matter which foundation I’d use. But thanks to the Pan Stik, my dry skin looks dewy!

The incredible Max Factor Pan Stik is available for around £7.99, but there’s usually a 3 for 2 offer at the two big drugstores.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

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