Nail Of The Day – MUA White Wash & Stamping

112015 MUA White Wash plus Stamping111Hi there! I’ve been looking for a nice and opaque white nail polish for a while. And after reading a few reviews I bought MUA White Wash.

I think White Wash is quite good. It didn’t take long to dry and two coats were sufficient for perfect white nails. Good job, MUA!

Now what do you do with white nails? You stamp! 😀

But before I got to work with my stamping kit, I tried to add a touch of glamour with a no-name iridescent white shimmer polish.

Then I selected a few simple floral images from different no-name stamping plates which I stamped on with Filthy Gorgeous Midnight. Midnight is a great polish for stamping – but I’m sure you can see that. 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

14 thoughts on “Nail Of The Day – MUA White Wash & Stamping

    • Hi hun, at first: Thank you so much!

      I’ll see if I can gather all my stamping stuff so that I can take photos. In regards to stamping plates – I’ve got quite a lot – all kinds of different sets and random no-name plates I found online…

      What kind of image or pattern would you like on your nails? Flowers? Fruits? Marine motives? Random images like shoes (yeah!) or geometric shapes?


      • Plates are fun, but I just want to check what kind of stamp and scraper you use. A lot of the reviews on kits say the stamp doesn’t pick up the polish and doesn’t transfer well. The process looks super fun and the many designs can make anyone a nail art expert!

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      • Hi hun.

        I use the regular pink stamper and plastic scraper combo, like this one:

        I never had any problems with the stamper or scraper. I found a few stamping plates to be a bit of a problem though.

        I know some people have problems picking up the images but most of the time it’s because they either scrape off too much polish from the stamping plate or they try to pick up the image by pressing the stamper onto the stamping plate which doesn’t work well.

        The best thing to do is hold the scraper in a 45 degree angle and pick up the image by ‘rolling’ it over the image.

        If the problem persists,.try a different polishh because some polishes simply don’t work.

        And don’t despair if it’s not working the first time. It might take a little practice.

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