Freedom MakeUp London – Pro Lipstick Bare 115 Mannequin

Hi there! I got myself Freedom’s Pro Lipstick Bare Collection (5 lipsticks) before Christmas. And I’ve only opened it a few days ago. The first lipstick I tried was Freedom MakeUp’s Pro Lipstick Bare 115 Mannequin.

I like my nude/neutral/natural lipstick colours a bit darker – and since 115 is the darkest shade in the Bare Collection, it was destined to be my first victim. 😀
Freedom Bare Lipstick 115 Mannequin
115 Mannequin is a light brown shade with a creamy finish. I like the colour, and I think it suits my skin tone. However, I was hoping this lipstick would be a bit darker. That’s because all the other Bare Collection lippies are lighter, and now I’m thinking I might not even touch the lighter ones… But I’ll report back once I’ve tested the next lighter shade. 🙂

In regards to quality, this isn’t what I’d expect a ‘professional’ lipstick to be like. Whilst this lipstick is nicely pigmented, it doesn’t last very long. So yes, it’s clear this is a cheap lipstick. I will definitely continue to use this beautiful lippie, but I know I’ll have to have it with me because it does require very regular touch-ups.

Freedom MakeUp’s Pro Lipstick Bare 115 Mannequin lipstick is available for £1. It’s also part of Freedom’s Bare Lipstick Collection which is £5.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

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