Empties – April 2016

Hi there! I haven’t done any posts about emptied products before. But every time I read my fellow bloggers’ posts about emptied products, I’m thinking I should do such posts too! And as someone who’s guilty of hoarding beauty products and toiletries, I’m sure that looking at the products I emptied every month will make me feel like I’ve accomplished something. 🙂 So, here’s what I emptied this month!
Empties 042016 1
1 Palmolive Pampering Touch with Coconut and Moisturising Milk – what a lovely shower cream! This one’s been a shower staple for years. I love the creamy and gentle formula and the gorgeous fragrance. Yes, I will definitely repurchase this one.

2 Positively Fruity Smells Like Tropical Showers Body Wash – a nice body wash. It smells sweet, sunny and tropical and the formula isn’t drying at all. I think this is a good product and I might buy it again.

3 Harmony Hair Indulgence Herbal Conditioner with Mulberry Extract – an OK conditioner for my hair type (long, thick, curly). But I’d recommend it to ladies with fine and straight hair. I’ve got about 25% of the matching shampoo left in the bottle. As almost always, whenever I finish a conditioner, my husband will finish the matching shampoo and I move on to another shampoo and conditioner combo. 🙂 Anyway… repurchase? Don’t know. Maybe.
Empties 042016 2
4 Colgate Kids Toothpaste 0-3 Years – I bought this toothpaste because it looked cute. I know kids toothpaste doesn’t have much fluoride, so it doesn’t replace an adult toothpaste. But I really liked using this toothpaste every time I wanted to give my teeth a quick brush in between (during the day, after work, etc…). I think I’ll repurchase this toothpaste again because it tastes yummy and it’s fun!

5 Colgate Max White One Optic – I tried this relatively new toothpaste for the first time and I really like it. It keeps my teeth clean and it tastes quite good! I’ll definitely buy this toothpaste again!

6 Boots Extracts Festive Spiced Apple Body Scrub – the matching shower gel and body butter are long gone. But I only just emptied this scrub. I found the body scrub too gentle for my liking. I prefer a more powerful scrub for my body. And now, a month after Easter, I’ve really had it with the christmassy apple-cinnamon fragrance. I’m glad this product is finally gone. I wouldn’t repurchase it for myself.

7 Superdrug Hand Rescue Balm – one of the hand creams I’ve been using on and off over the past few months. It’s an OK hand cream, but I had to keep using it all the time. And I grew tired of its weird scent quickly. Repurchase? No. There are much better hand creams out there.

8 Superdrug Animal Mad Lip Balm – a great lip balm! I like the soft and rich texture and the pleasant and subtle berry flavour. I have three more lip balms from this set, so I don’t need to stock up. But if Superdrug does a similar lip balm set again this autumn or winter, I’ll probably buy it.

9 Boots Botanics Hydrating Serum Capsules – good stuff! Too bad these capsules have been discontinued. If they were still available, I’d repurchase them in an instant.

10 Max Factor Pan Stik 25 Fair – this is THE ONE foundation for me. Full coverage, very affordable, makes my dry skin look dewy… what’s not to love? I’ll keep buying this foundation for as long as its made!

So, this was my first empties post. Looking at the stuff I’ve used up, I feel a bit proud of myself. 🙂 Now I have to tackle the countless eyeliner pencils which are almost used up – but just almost.

I don’t know if I will include toothpastes and things like that in the future, but this time I really wanted to tell everyone that I love kids toothpaste and I wanted to tell you about Colgate’s Optic White toothpaste (just in case you might be interested).

Have you tried any of these products? Feel free to let me know what you think. And thanks for stopping by.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

16 thoughts on “Empties – April 2016

    • Thanks! 🙂

      I wouldn’t know what I’d do without my Pan Stik. It really helps with my dry skin. Sometimes my skin feels like paper (and having eczema flare-ups every now and then doesn’t help), and the Pan Stik foundation is the only foundation that keep my skin (more or less) elastic. And it’s the only one that hides my dry patches – which every other foundation highlights…

      If you want to use the Pan Stik as a foundation for the first time, be prepared for insane coverage! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • You could do empties posts too. I’m guessing you go a through tons of travel-sized products. And you could do recommendations on what to pack for a short trip! 🙂

      Which kids toothpaste are you using? And what does it taste like? I’m not married to Colgate. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow! I never considered that! Thank you for the suggestion! 🙂

        I use Tom’s of Maine Children’s Fluoride free silly strawberry. It has a really mild flavor and is more of a creamy paste instead of a gel. I usually buy it on Amazon because no one around home sells it. 🙂

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  1. Love the packaging of the body wash, so cute! And I remember MF Pan Stik!!! I don’t think it worked well for me, though I haven’t tried it in well over yrs, since MF isnt’ sold here anymore. I really liked their makeup, overall, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      I bought the body wash because it looked cute. I couldn’t even sniff it in store because the tube was sealed. But the coconut and the pineapple looked so happy… next thing the body wash went in my basket. 🙂

      Yeah, the Pan Stik doesn’t work for everyone. But I think it’s amazing for ladies with dry skin. I’ve got really dry skin (and recurring eczema…) and this is the only foundation that actually hides the dry patches – every other foundation highlights them. I think it’s too bad P&G discontinued MF in North America in favour of a different brand (whose name I forgot…). I think MF products are amazing. Although… I did throw a tiny fit when they discontinued the one and only Fantasy Fire and replaced it with a meh purple…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Argh, yes, I have that stupid dry skin + eczema nonsense, as well! I’ve had luck with several d/s foundations, but it’s too bad the MF stuff is no longer available in North America! So glad the Pan Stik works great for you! I’ve always loved that the MF brand has such a long history in makeup.

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