Limited Edition – L’Eau Par Kenzo Ice

L'Eau Par Kenzo IceHi there! I finished this fragrance – L’Eau Par Kenzo Ice (aka Kenzo Ice) very recently. I’ve never reviewed it – so I thought it’s about time to review it now. 🙂

OK, let’s start! Kenzo Ice is a limited edition summer fragrance from a few years ago.

It contains the following notes: mint, ginger and lemon (top notes), freesia (heart note), and vetiver, vanilla and ambrette (base notes).

Kenzo Ice has an overall cold and fresh feel to it. It smells like cool mint with a drop of lemon juice. The mint note is very longlasting – and the fragrance doesn’t really develop. So Kenzo Ice is basically all about cool mint and lemons.

Even though this fragrance is for women (there’s a separate edition for men), it doesn’t smell very womanly at all. I think Kenzo Ice is a unisex fragrance – but it’s more on the masculine side.

Whilst Kenzo Ice isn’t very special, I think it’s a decent fragrance for hot summer days. If you’re interested in Kenzo Ice, you should check if you can find it online. Since it was discontinued a while ago, you won’t find it in brick and mortar stores.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

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