My Holy Grail Of Hair Care Part 2 – Herbal Essences Shimmering Colour & Sensuously Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi there! If you read the original Holy Grail Of Hair Care post, you know I love the classic Herbal Essences products. The newer Herbal Essences products (in the curvy bottles) don’t do anything for me – I tried three different shampoo and conditioner combos but I really didn’t like them at all. (And neither did my husband.) So I’ll stick to my original Herbal Essences favourites! 🙂

OK, let’s look at the shampoos first. 🙂 The Herbal Essences Shimmering Colour and Sensuously Smooth shampoos are amazing. They smell of tropical flowers (this line was once called Rainforest Flowers) and they make my scalp and my hair feel incredibly clean. But these shampoos are very gentle at the same time. They’re perfect!
Herbal Essences Rainforest Flowers 2

The conditioners are better than what I could dream up if it was my mission in life to dream up the perfect conditioner. Nothing detangles hair the way Herbal Essences’ Classics conditioners do. And nothing else makes could make hair feel silkier or look shinier. These conditioners offer tons of moisture without weighing hair down. Why other manufacturers of hair care products don’t copy these conditioners is something I’ll never understand…

Now let me say a few more words about the two product lines. The Shimmering Colour shampoo and conditioner really work for freshly coloured hair. Normally my hair colour bleeds quite a bit for a few days after I’ve dyed my hair, but this shampoo and conditioner combo seems to make the colour hold on to my hair. Brilliant! These two products are even better than L’Oréal’s Colour Protect offerings!

The Herbal Essences Sensuously Smooth products really do what they’re supposed to. You may remember my last hair post about Pantene’s Colour Protect & Smooth products. OK, you don’t remember. But that’s OK. 🙂 I said that Pantene’s products really make my hair feel smooth. Now, a few weeks ago I emptied the Pantene conditioner, and I went on to use these Herbal Essences products. And guess what – my hair is so smooooooth, it’s insane! Verdict? Herbal Essences Sensuously Smooth mops the floor with Pantene!

I think, along with Herbal Essences Classics Moisture Balance and Silk N’ Shine, Herbal Essences (Rainforest Flowers) Shimmering Colour and Sensuouly Smooth are the best hair products out there. Unfortunately they were relaunched as a limited edition, and they have now disappeared from the shelves – but I’ve stocked up when I noticed them disappearing, so I’ll be OK for a while. However, I still hope that Herbal Essences will relaunch them again. Fingers crossed!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

29 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Of Hair Care Part 2 – Herbal Essences Shimmering Colour & Sensuously Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner

  1. I’m so glad you wrote an entire post on this! I’m going to look for the shampoo TODAY. To be honest, I haven’t used Herbal Essence in years – those old commercials were hilarious… the women “yes yes yes!” in the shower! 😆

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  2. I’ve been super against Herbal Essence since they changed the bottle and formula a few years back (maybe more than a few years). It did a number on my hair. The new formula is terrible! But after reading your review, I’ll have to try the original Herbal Essence! It might be difficult to find, but it seems to be worth it! I do love their scents. It’s something I miss about their products. 😍😉

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    • Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to comment! 🙂

      I felt the same way when they changed the formula. I tried three of the shampoos and conditioners in the curved bottles (I gave them a fair chance) but I hated them all. The shampoos were ‘meh’ and the conditioners were below supermarket own-brand quality. I remember that one combo ‘for greasy roots and dry ends’. Rubbish! It gave me greasy roots and dry ends!
      And that’s when I went on to buy as many of the old bottles as possible before they sold out (and I boycotted the entire new product line). That was in 2007. I still have about ten bottles of the old pink and yellow originals from back then! 😀

      I think it’s great that HE relaunched their originals in 2013 (or was it 2012?) – the formulas and the fragrances are THE SAME as before! It’s too bad that so many people who loved the original HE products seem to be unaware that they’ve been relaunched and that they’re actually widely available. If you’re based in the UK, you can find the originals in almost every supermarket and drugstore. If you’re based in the US or Canada, it’s probably the same – although I’m aware that not every store stocks all the product lines. But I checked online recently, and it seems Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and the likes all stock both the pink and the yellow originals! If you can’t find those products in a store near you, just order a year’s supply online. 🙂 You’ll fall in love with the originals all over again, I promise! And don’t forget to spread the word! Plus: If the products continue to sell well, HE won’t discontinue them. So this time they might actually stay around forever.

      In regards to the ‘new’ HE products – I’ll continue to ignore them. I think the formulas just aren’t good at all (and I’m phrasing it nicely here). So yeah, if the original HE products are discontinued again, I’ll have to become a L’Oréal girl.

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      • I agree! When they changed the formula, I could NOT get my scalp clean. I tried a couple different HE products, but never got rid of the grease. It wasn’t till I chucked it and bought something totally different that my scalp felt breathable again. I’m currently using a brand that my stylist recommended (she’s a peach. I love her and everything she suggests.). After it’s all used up, I’ll go out and snag this. I know I’ve seen them in CVS before. I was just afraid the same thing would happen to my scalp if I bought anything HE. Thank you for letting us all know!

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      • I know what you mean. Back then I was freaking out over the newer (and rubbishy) HE products. All I wanted was a shampoo that cleanses my hair and scalp properly, and a conditioner that bursts with moisture – but not with oils. Fortunately the originals are back. 🙂

        When you pick up the originals at the drugstore, please let me know what you think. 🙂

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  7. You are right about the originals being the best maybe we should start a petition to have them make a permanent come back ☺️. My favourite is the original rose but I too also love the rain forest collection even the shimmering colour and i don’t even colour my hair I just love what it does for my hair and also the gorgeous smell it leaves behind ☺️

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    • I’m all for pestering Herbal Essences on social media! 🙂

      The other thing is to spread the word about these fantastic products. Make your family, friends and colleagues buy these products. Make them try these products. When people buy the original Herbal Essences products, Herbal Essences will continue to make them. I know they’re not available in every country, but they were relaunched in the US, UK, Canada (and a few other countries) in 2012 or 2013. I too would like ALL the originals back (incl Fruit Fusions and Rainforest Flowers) but now they only have the pink and yellow originals.


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