Radox Brazilian Fusion and Eastern Spirit

Hi there! Today’s post is about two Radox shower gels I picked up at a bargain store – Radox Brazilian Fusion with dragonfruit and camu camu berry, and Radox Eastern Spirit with lotus flower and orange blossom.

Radox Brazilian Fusion with dragonfruit and camu camu berry is more of a shower cream than a shower gel. My dry skin loves it! But the fragrance isn’t what I expected. I thought it would smell somewhat tropical or exotic, but it’s more like an old-fashioned white flower fragrance. I do like it, but I don’t love it. And obviously this shower gel isn’t as ‘summery’ as I’d hoped.
Radox Shower 01
Radox Eastern Spirit with lotus flower and orange blossom is just as I remember it. I really like the feminine and exotic floral fragrance. It’s lovely. And just like Brazilian Fusion, Eastern Spirit is more of a shower cream than a shower gel which is very nice!

Whilst I’m not entirely sure about Eastern Spirit (aka Radox Feel Enchanted – which I spotted at my local Sainsbury’s store very recently), I’m pretty sure Brazilian Fusion has been discontinued. But I reckon quite a few bargain stores still have it. I bought both shower gels for £1 each (at my local Poundstretcher store, I believe).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

16 thoughts on “Radox Brazilian Fusion and Eastern Spirit

    • Me too! But the problem is that I often fall in love with new things (anything that’s colourful and smells nice), then I buy back-ups which I never get around to use… and that’s how I became a beauty and toiletries hoarder. 😀

      But I’m a good girl at the moment. I went to the drugstore the other day – and I only picked up what I wanted to buy (= four bottles of my husband’s favourite deodorant on a half price promotion).

      I hope you had (or still have) a wonderful weekend. xx

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      • You made me laugh! At least you don’t hoard pianos or fancy cars!! Toiletries can fit under the sink! Ha! Plus, you always get the absolute best deals. I need to hang out with you!! Score of the half price promotion!! Bet he was happy!

        I did have a nice weekend. You?

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      • If I were rich, I might actually hoard fancy cars and pianos. Who knows? But I’d definitely run an animal shelter!

        My husband likes to have a small stash of his man stuff. So I always stock up on his favourites when they’re on special. That way I’ll never to have pay full price for anything and I can wait for the next promotion knowing we’re sitting on ludicrous amounts of toiletries (unfortunately we’ve run out of space under the sink ages ago – it’s more like boxes under the bed now)…

        I’m glad to hear you had a good weekend. I had a nice weekend too. Very busy, lots of work to do around the house, but today was a bank holiday, so we had an extra day off. And the weather was surprisingly nice too.


      • Ooooo!! Love those bank holidays!! And, glad your weather is being kind. I figured “under the sink” was probably a stretch. Ha! You have the right idea. I only have one of each item. Not real smart when my husband needs deodorant or shaving cream before work!! Ha!


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