Nail Of The Day – Rimmel I ♥ Lasting Finish & Stamping With Pueen 76 / Nail Art Challenge #15 Delicate Print

Rimmel Marshmallow Heaven Pueen 76Hi there! I’m continuing my lifetime 31 Days Nail Art Challenge. Today’s nail of the day is my attempt at a Delicate Print mani which is #15 on the list.

For this mani I painted my nails with Rimmel I ♥ Lasting Finish 702 Marshmallow Heaven.

I love this shade (one of my favourites), and I love the formula of this polish (it’s fun to paint with). But what I don’t love is that Rimmel’s I ♥ Lasting Finish (I♥LF) polishes don’t last very long.

I don’t mind painting my nails every 2 to 3 days (I get bored of manis quickly), but I’m not happy when my polish starts to chip on day 1 which happens all the time with Rimmel’s I♥LF polishes.

Anyway, back to the mani! The actual delicate print image is from Pueen’s 76 plate (which is part of Pueen’s Buffet Leisure collection). The black polish I stamped with is the wonderful Revlon Colorstay 270 Stiletto.

Feel free to let me know what you think. And thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

24 thoughts on “Nail Of The Day – Rimmel I ♥ Lasting Finish & Stamping With Pueen 76 / Nail Art Challenge #15 Delicate Print

    • Hey sweets, I hope you’re well. 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been a week since I wanted to write you a novel…

      I’m feeling much better, thank you. My kidneys still feel a bit sore, my cough is still… productive. And I still think I’m having awesome tummy muscles (from all that coughing). But I’m much better. I think I’ll probably still feel the chest infection for another three weeks, but that’s OK. That’ll teach me popping to the store without a jacket and a scarf.

      I’m glad you liked the mani. I liked it too. I’ve done the post about 4 weeks ago, but somehow I didn’t schedule it right. Ah well…

      How’s life treating you lately? Don’t answer yet! I have so much to say about all the stuff you posted recently. I got around to read/watch, but I have at least 4 of your recent posts still open in my browser… there’s so much I wanted to comment on (Little Bit’s monthly anniversaries and the move) but didn’t get to. And I wanted to rewrite the ‘airhead’ thing I promised a gazillion years ago…

      I’ll have to prepare dinner now. The DH asked for potato wedges, so I need to get started. I’ll be back in a few hours. Sending you hugs and kisses. xoxo


    • I love this shade too. This kind of milky light purple (or however you wanna call it) is probably my favourite nail polish colour.

      I think Rimmel’s other nail polishes lines are actually excellent. Much, much better than China Glaze or that overpriced Ciaté stuff. And the Rimmel formula is somehow evening itself out on the nails. Really, they’re a dream to work with. And whilst Rimmel’s 60 Seconds nail polishes don’t dry in 60 seconds, most of them are true one-coaters. And Rimmel’s Salon Pro polishes are very good too. It’s just this I ♥ Lasting Finish collection that sucks.

      And yeah, chipping on day 1 – my eyes start to twitch just thinking of that…


      • China Glaze is alright. But their polishes are as expensive as OPI polishes over here. They’re about £13 or £14 per bottle (sure, you can find them cheaper online). But then… I can pick up Rimmel polishes for £1 – so I do have a winner. 😉

        This taro bubble tea looks… tempting! I’ve never seen anything like but now I want one!


    • Thank you sooo much! xx
      I really like this kind of milky light purple too. It’s probably my favourite nail colour. And I too think the image came out very nice.

      But I really don’t nail it all the time. There are lots of manis I don’t post about – for a reason! I do show the occasional fail, though. Having a laugh is good everyone. 😉

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      • I really like Pueen’s stamping plates. Love Elements, Buffet Leisure and the Stamping Buffet. Pueen does stamping plates collection and you can get 20+ plates for about £20. Much better value than certain other brands. 🙂

        I think you should give stamping another try. If the images aren’t coming out right, the stamping plate(s) you have might be rubbish – or you just need to practice more. Just try it again. And when you practice, it’s best to stamp the images on paper. So you can familiarise yourself with the process again without having to stamp anything onto your nails if you don’t want to. 🙂

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