November Beauty Awards

Hi there! It’s the last day of the month, so it’s time for my monthly favourites post. This post is a bit awkward because the top 3 products are all from Superdrug! Well, the reason is that I’ve simply tried lots of Superdrug products recently. But I’ll definitely do a few Boots products reviews next month, I promise! But let’s get to the favourites now!

3rd place – Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care Intensive All Over Body Cream
Whilst I prefer body creams that are a little less rich, I still think Superdrug’s Vitamin E Intensive All Over Body Cream is really good. It smells extremely nice (you’d think it’s a high-end product!) and it’s very nourishing. I’ll be using it a lot this winter!

Runner-Up – Superdrug Clearly Youthful Resurfacing Night Serum 
I’ve been using Superdrug’s Clearly Youthful Resurfacing Night Serum for a few months now – and I think it’s great. It’s made quite a difference to my skin, and I’ve already repurchased it.

WINNER – Superdrug Dehydrated Facial Konjac Sponge
I loooooove my konjac sponge. I never want to be without a konjac sponge again. If you’ve never used a konjac sponge, you really need to change that! Thank you Stashy and Kathy for making me curious about konjac sponges!

Now on to the honourable mentions! I really like Superdrug’s Vitamin E Eye Cream and Superdrug’s Flutter Lip Balm. And I’m impressed with Burt’s Bees Calla Lily Tinted Lip Balm.

This is it for this month! Feel free to let me know what you think of my favourites. Have you tried any of these products? Would you like to try any of them? And which products did you enjoy this month? Get in touch if you want to. And thanks for reading!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

9 thoughts on “November Beauty Awards

    • Superdrug says the sponge should be discarded after 1 to 3 months – this isn’t very specific.

      I’ve been using my sponge for six weeks (I think!) and it still looks and feels like on day one.

      I thought it would go gunky quickly because of all the products I use with it and because it stays moist. But so far there are no issues. I’ll see how it goes over the next four weeks. If it starts to look, feel or smell funny at any point, I’ll bin it. But even if it stays perfect, I’ll toss it out on the 31st, no matter what.


  1. Will definitely check the Konjac out but I didn’t like the vitamin E body cream. I tried it last winter, doesn’t have long staying power. It’s suprising because I love almost all the products in the Superdrug Vitamin E range. Great post by the way ❤❤❤

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