Reducing My Oldies Stash – Boots Extracts Fruity Strawberry Body Spray & Zingy Satsuma Body Spray

Hi there! I’m still working through my 2015 Christmas toiletries sets, and I realised that I bought a Boots Extracts fragrance set (just like 2016…). The set was £3 and it contained 3 fragrances (70ml each) – and I will review 2 of them today. Now meet Boots Extracts Fruity Strawberry Body Spray and Boots Extracts Zingy Satsuma Body Spray.
Boots Extracts Fruity Strawberry Body Spray isn’t a favourite. The strawberry fragrance isn’t unpleasant, but it smells very generic. I used this body spray once to test it. And now I’ll pass it on to my teenage relative. Actually, my relative will receive 2 of these sprays because both the 2015 set and the 2016 set contained a strawberry body spray. If you’d like to try this product, it’s £3.50 for a 150ml bottle at Boots.

Boots Extracts Zingy Satsuma Body Spray is a limited edition fragrance from 2015. Whilst I think it’s not that special, I have to say that it does smell pleasant. That’s because the satsuma fragrance isn’t just a one-dimensional fruity fragrance. It smells like a mix of satsumas, satsuma peel and orange flower. Quite nice, actually.

Have you tried Boots Extracts products? If so, which products do you love the most? Feel free to get in touch. And thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

8 thoughts on “Reducing My Oldies Stash – Boots Extracts Fruity Strawberry Body Spray & Zingy Satsuma Body Spray

  1. I’m seeing a recurring theme here – you don’t seem to like a lot of strawberry scents? Who makes a good strawberry smell, in your opinion? I walked by The Body Shop the other day and the smell coming out of the store was so nice that it prompted my friend and I to ask what it was – turned out it was their strawberry room fragrance oil. I might pick it up!

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    • Glad to hear you like the TBS strawberry room fragrance!

      I love strawberries – when they’re fresh, washed and ready to eat. 🙂

      I think most strawberry fragrances smell overly ripe (*gag*) – or they just smell sythetic. Either way, they always fail to capture the freshness. I think I Love…’s strawberries & cream is the best strawberry-scented body spray out there (I don’t love it, but I recognise that it’s actually well done). And I found a cheap strawberry body butter (Poundland or Poundworld) a while ago – that body butter smelled delicious. It was fresh, fruity and natural – and it didn’t smell of melted plastic and rotting fruit. A very nice surprise!

      What I wanted to say… I might be too critical with strawberry-scented products. I think I’m more of a raspberry/blackberry person. 🙂

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      • Oh yeah, I love fresh strawberries too! In the summer we go to the farmer’s market and buy baskets of them to eat fresh and freeze for smoothies as well. YUM.

        Go figure you’d find a fresh smelling strawberry body butter at, of all place, Poundland! 😆

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  2. The boots strawberry one always smells a bit plasticy to me when I’ve smelled it in the past. I think they did a lemon one years ago that was nice and refreshing but I maybe confusing it with somewhere else. They definitely did an apple one that I loved but I think it was Christmas limited edition. So annoying when you find a favourite doesn’t exist any more.

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      • I had a set from the body shop that had a strawberry perfume in it that smells pretty good, not fresh strawberries but not plastic. Though it’s three years old at least now so they may have changed the formula. I have had some good strawberry things, like fresh strawberries, but normally from small companies that don’t do a huge range of products and they’re often bath bombs without sprays or lotions.

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