100% Awesome – L’Oréal Youth Code Luminizer Serum

Hi there! I consider myself to be an Olay girl,  but when I saw L’Oréal’s Youth Code Luminizer Serum at my local B&M Bargains Store, I just bought it. This serum has been sitting in my stash for a while (I had other serums to finish first). However, I managed to get on top of my part-used serums (I finished all 3 in the past 3 months – success!) a few weeks ago. And since then I’ve been using this L’Oréal serum.

Before I tell you why I love this product, let me tell you what it claims to do. L’Oréal’s Youth Code Luminizer Serum is aimed at women aged 25-40 who want skin hydration and a more radiant, more even and more youthful complexion. The serum claims to be highly-concentrated, and it promises visible results after 1 month.
L'Oreal Luminizer Serum
Now here’s why I love this serum! First of all, I really like the pump dispenser. Two pumps give me the perfect amount of product for my face and neck. Great stuff! The serum smells absolutley lovely (it reminds me a lot of D&G Light Blue!). The lemoney-fresh fragrance goes very well with the Luminizer theme. Well done, L’Oréal!

I’m happy to report that the serum feels smooth and silky on my skin. It’s definitely hydrating, but it doesn’t feel like “product” on my skin. It’s very lightweight! I like it! I’ve also noticed that this serum made my skin look fresher. So yes, I could see results in less than a month!

I’m very happy to continue to use this serum – and I’m just as happy to recommend it. L’Oréal’s Youth Code Luminizer Serum is available as 30ml for £4.99 at B&M Bargains (I’ve also seen it at TK Maxx – but not this cheap, and I guess other bargain stores have it too). Yes, it’s an import from Germany – but who cares?

I think the price is amazing – especially when you consider that certain reputable online sellers offer this serum for £24.99 (yes, 5 times the price I paid for the same amount of product). I’m pretty sure this serum has been discontinued, so if you want it, you should swing by your local bargain stores and get it now!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

12 thoughts on “100% Awesome – L’Oréal Youth Code Luminizer Serum

  1. Oh you scored such a great deal! I find L’Oreal skincare to be quite pricey – a lot are in the $30-$40 range now. Glad to hear the scent is nice too – sometimes the drugstore stuff are overly perfumed (I’m looking at you, Oil of Olay!)

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    • This one was super cheap – and it’s so good! A great deal indeed! 🙂

      I’ve read that products from the same brand have different fragrances in different countries – apparently this is due to cultural preferences.

      Our Olay products don’t smell very strong. The ones I tried all had a pleasant and subtle fragrance. Based on my experience with different products I’d say Nivea’s products smell quite strong – at least over here!


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