NSPA Mango Fragrance Body Mist, NSPA Vanilla Fragrance Body Mist

Hi there! I’ve been using all sorts of NSPA products for quite some time now – shower gels, body butters, body mists… you name it. And today I’m reviewing NSPA’s Mango Fragrance Body Mist and NSPA’s Vanilla Fragrance Body Mist.

NSPA’s Mango Fragrance Body Mist isn’t great. I was hoping it would smell like Boots’ mango fragrance – but it’s nothing like it. NSPA’s mango fragrance isn’t horrible, but it smells rather cheap and synthetic. I’ll pass this body mist on to someone who isn’t that picky with all-over body sprays. 🙂
NSPA’s Vanilla Fragrance Body Mist is decent. I don’t think the vanilla fragrance is particularly special. However, the vanilla scent is pleasant, sweet and a little ‘boozy’. Sometimes I spray it on my scarf or on my husband’s pillow. 🙂 Yes, my husband likes that! I think that, if you like vanilla fragrances in general, you should give this body mist a try!

NSPA products are exclusive to Asda. The body mists are available as 200ml for ÂŁ3.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

6 thoughts on “NSPA Mango Fragrance Body Mist, NSPA Vanilla Fragrance Body Mist

    • Hi Stashy, sorry I haven’t been in touch for days. As of Monday this week there’s no more homeworking, so with the commuting and putting on make-up every day, I don’t have as much me-time (=bloggy time).

      I used to spray my pillow, but I stopped doing that when I read it’s not great for facial skin (redness, outbreaks, etc). But my husband still loves his pillow spray – and he has fantastic skin.

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      • I totally understand! It’s not easy when you lose hours doing “unproductive” things like commuting… sorry to hear about your work discontinuing working from home!

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