I Love… Yummy Caramel Bath & Shower Crème, Nourishing Body Butter

Hi there! Today’s post is about 2 I Love… products that I found at my local Poundworld. I Love… had 2 limited editions last Christmas – Chocolate Truffle and Yummy Caramel. The Chocolate Truffle products were everywhere (I stocked up!), but I couldn’t find the Yummy Caramel products anywhere – until a few weeks ago.

And now that I’ve been using these 2 products for about a week, let me tell you if I Love…’s Yummy Caramel Bath & Shower Crème and Nourishing Body Butter are any good. 🙂
I Love…’s Yummy Caramel Bath & Shower Crème is a nice shower product. The caramel fragrance is sweet and yummy (they weren’t kidding), and the formula is gentle and non-drying. Great stuff! I Love…’s Yummy Caramel Nourishing Body Butter is rich and nourishing indeed, and it smells sweet and yummy too. This body butter is a real skin treat!

I would recommend these I Love… products to everyone. I found these products at my local Poundworld, but I’ve also seen them at Bargain Buys – for £1 each.
I Love…’s Yummy Caramel Bath & Shower Crème is available as 500ml, and
I Love…’s Yummy Caramel Nourishing Body Butter is available as 200ml.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

16 thoughts on “I Love… Yummy Caramel Bath & Shower Crème, Nourishing Body Butter

  1. Wow! How lucky that they are so good. Sometimes the names sound so good, but the products don’t quite match up. All that these names want me to do is eat ice cream. Ha ha. Great post. Hope you are doing well. We are swamped, trying to get this house ready to sell. I sat down to eat a bite, then have to keep getting walls ready for painting on Saturday. How is your job?

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    • I agree, it happens all the time that products aren’t half as good as they sound. But these two products are great.

      Everything’s the same with the job situation. Things move relatively slow in the financial services sector…

      I really hope everything’s going well with the house sale. Hugs!!

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      • Well, I guess we’ll take the same. Better than awful or can’t stand it, I suppose. Thank you, I am about to open a can of paint and get the trim and corners out of the way. Mom is coming tomorrow to help me paint the big walls. I have a horribly bad shoulder and can hardly do the paint roller. Mom will save the day.

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      • Oops. I may have over done it yesterday and today. Yesterday I tripped over a mattress that was in the hallway (was having bedroom carpet cleaned) and all I remember seeing was hard wood floor coming towards my face wayyyyy too fast. Ouch. After I recovered, I painted 2 bedrooms. My shoulder is a bit furious with me tonight.


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