Reducing My Oldies Stash – The Body Shop White Musk Breeze Shower Gel, Body Purée, Body Mist & Eau De Toilette

Hi there! Welcome to the lastest episode of Reducing My Oldies Stash. Today’s guest stars are The Body Shop’s White Musk Breeze limited edition products which have been sitting in my stash for ages. I’ve finally given these products a try, so let me tell you if they’re (still) any good. 🙂

The Body Shop’s White Musk Breeze Shower Gel is alright. It lathers up nicely, but it doesn’t feel drying. I also like the fragrance – it’s white musk and jasmine. The Body Shops’s Body Purée (which I have 2 bottles of) is good too. The fragrance is a little fresher – it’s white musk, jasmine and a mix of refreshing citrus fruits. However, I have to say that I don’t love the purée formula because it feels a little sticky on my skin.
Now onto the fragrances! The Body Shop’s White Musk Breeze Body Mist is a decent all-over body spray. It’s a little lighter and less dense than the EdT. I like it! I’m sure I’ll be able to finish this bottle at some point. The Body Shop’s White Musk Breeze Eau De Toilette (which I have 2 bottles of) is a true white musk fragrance. It starts out fresh but the citrus aroma evaporates quickly.

Now onto the conclusion… I’m impressed that these products didn’t go off. I really, really love preservatives in cosmetics and toiletries! 🙂 OK, here’s the actual conclusion… whilst I like these White Musk Breeze products, the white musk fragrance isn’t my favourite.

So I started to experiment a little. At first it was trial and error, but after a few days I realised that the White Musk Breeze all-over body spray is a great base for sweet vanilla fragrances. I also found that the White Musk Breeze EdT goes well with Body Fantasies’ Pink Grapefruit Fantasy. 🙂

I’m sure I’ll be able to finish the shower gel, the 2 (!) body purées and the body spray. We’ll have to see whether I’ll finish the 2 (!) EdT bottles. Let’s see if I can make an effort to use the EdT on a regular basis. Fingers crossed!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

8 thoughts on “Reducing My Oldies Stash – The Body Shop White Musk Breeze Shower Gel, Body Purée, Body Mist & Eau De Toilette

  1. When you say “ages”, how many years are we talking about?
    Have never heard of Body Puree… must be OLD! XD
    I’m envious that yours didn’t go off because I stocked up on some LE Body Shop body butters and they went bad so fast! I was gutted.

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    • In this case ‘ages’ means… several years!

      I think TBS’ fruity body butters aren’t that great. Over the years I had several of their body butters (all of them gifts) but I thought they were below average. Some of the fragrances are completely off, and I remember that the mango butter made my skin feel like greased paper…

      I think TBS did a good job with their fragrance-related body products (White Musk and the likes), but their ‘fruity’ collection is just not on par with comparable drugstore or supermarket own brands. TBS may have been the company that made body butters a beauty must-have, but their competitors have done a much better job at improving the product.So what I was going to say… I’m not surprised some of the body butters you bought went off quickly. I’m sad that this happened to you, but I’m not really surprised because all these moronic companies skimp on parabens these days…

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      • I agree about the fruity body butters. I just finished the green apple one in a set and the scent on the shower gel and scrub were excellent but it translated really poorly to the body butter. The ones that I stocked up on that went bad were Soy scented – which at one point was part of the core regular line up but discontinued and only brought back for one Christmas. I’ll never stock up like that again!
        I had to educate one of my friends about parabens being FINE. She was trying to avoid them in her skincare… ugh. The whole smear campaign on parabens is based on a lot of non-peer reviewed tests. :/

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      • Oh I remember the soy body butter thing. I think you told me a while back that you had to chuck these because the fragrance had turned… or rather “the body butter used to have a fragrance, now it has a smell… ”

        In regards to the anti-paraben smear campaign.. that’s just a bunch of hooey. If there was a problem with parabens, the entire cosmetics industry would have been dead decades ago…

        Happy Sunday! 🙂


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