Garnier Moisture + Protect Daily Protective Moisturiser

Hi there! Today’s post is about Garnier’s Moisture + Protect Daily Protective Moisturiser which I picked up for £1.49 (Home Bargains!). This moisturiser with SPF 20 is aimed at women with normal or uneven skin, and it promises to brighten and to illuminate skin. I’ve been using this moisturiser for just under 3 weeks now, so let me tell you if it’s any good.

I think this moisturiser is quite good. It plays well with all sorts of products (toner, serum, hyaluronic acid face mist, glycolic peel) without balling up and without troubling my skin. This moisturiser feels light, but it hydrates my skin properly. It also sits well under make-up. However, there is one thing I’m not happy with…

… this moisturiser smells more like a hand cream than a face cream. The fragrance is 90% calendula with 5% lemon and 5% honey. I’m pretty sure I once had a hand cream that smelled exactly like this. I appreciate that fragrances are a personal thing, and the next person might love this fragrance – but I don’t. 🙂 I will definitely continue to use this moisturiser but, because of the fragrance, I wouldn’t buy it again.

Garnier’s Moisture + Protect Daily Protective Moisturiser is available as 50ml. I believe the RRP is around £4, but I only paid £1.49. It appears that Garnier has just repackaged the entire collection – so this must be the reason why the “old” stock can be found at Home Bargains!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

6 thoughts on “Garnier Moisture + Protect Daily Protective Moisturiser

  1. I’ve never seen this product here. It’s funny how we associate certain smells with certain products. I mean, who says hand cream has to smell like hand cream? Once I had a face cream that smelled more like hair spray which turned me off – but why should it bother me? 😛

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  3. The product and packaging looks really nice. I probably wouldn’t mind the smell. I almost never mind fragrances although sometimes they can be bad for you. I never react or anything to them. I just imagine this a really light and lovely face cream. I’ll probably pick this one up when I’m in Target next time.

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