Guilty Pleasure – Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe Eau De Parfum

Hi there! I’ve been a fan of J Lo’s Live fragrance for quite some time. And a few weeks ago I found a similar looking fragrance online.

I did some research, and it turned out that I found Live’s “sister fragrance”! I bought it right away – it was  £12.95 for 100ml which is a total bargain! 🙂

I’ve been wearing this fragrance on and off for a few weeks now, so let me tell you more about Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe Eau De Parfum.

First of all, J Lo’s Live Luxe fragrance contains the following notes:
– peach, pear and melon (top note),
– freesia, honeysuckle and lily of the valley (heart note),
– and sweet vanilla, amber, musk and sandalwood (base note).

And what’s the fragrance actually like? I think that Live Luxe is a really nice fragrance. It smells of fresh fruits, vanilla and sweet flowers. It’s a well-rounded fragrance. And it has the same happy, yellow, juicy and summery vibe as Live, even though Live Luxe feels warmer and a little more dense.

I think Live Luxe is another great J Lo fragrance! And I’m saying this as someone who’s not a J Lo fan. In fact, I never really cared for J Lo’s music or her movies (or anything else she did or does now). But I have to say that Live and Live Luxe are great fragrances.

Have you tried Live or Live Luxe? Or would you like to try these fragrances? Feel free to get in touch via the comments. And thanks for reading!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

9 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure – Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe Eau De Parfum

  1. I picked up Live cheaply at the drugstore a while back, and it is very pretty!

    Do you know if it’s pronounced like “to live” or “live from…”?

    Live Luxe sounds lovely, too. I love a peach note.

    The bottles are cute as anything!

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    • I think some of J Lo’s fragrances are nice (some aren’t).
      I’ve only heard good things about Jennifer Aniston’s fragrance, and I would have loved to test it, but it was never sold over here…
      I find Britney Spears’ fragrances horrible. The stuff of nightmares.
      Some of the Jessica Simpson fragrances are said to be nice, but again, they were never sold over here.


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