Dolly’s Mixtures Rainbow Sherbet Shower Gel

Hi there! Today’s post is about Dolly’s Mixtures’ Rainbow Sherbet Shower Gel. Well, I’ve already reviewed a number of products from this brand.

And whilst I didn’t like every single product, I still wanted to give this one a chance. So let me tell you more!

OK, so I used this shower gel this morning – and I hated it right away.

As soon as I had lathered up the shower gel, it started to smell like a mix of plastic and something fizzy. It was bad. Really bad!

I don’t know who thought that bottling and selling this stuff would be a good idea. I mean, someone must have OK’ed this stuff – but why?

I’ll squeeze the contents of this bottle into the hand soap dispenser in the kitchen. And that’ll be the end of it.

Dolly’s Mixtures’ Rainbow Sherbet Shower Gel is available as 300ml for £2 (I spent £1 when it was on special).

I’ve also seen Dolly’s Mixtures products on sale at Poundland – and I think that’s not a good sign. I think the entire line might be discontinued!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

12 thoughts on “Dolly’s Mixtures Rainbow Sherbet Shower Gel

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