My Little Pony Cutie Beauty Bath Set

Hi there! A few days ago I swung by my local B&M Bargains store. I saw a My Little Pony toiletries set – and then I remembered that I bought one last year! This year’s toiletries set looks a little different, but it’s probably quite similar because it also contains 4 travel-sized (75ml) hair and body products. So read on to find out if the My Little Pony Cutie Beauty Bath Set is any good. 🙂

Let’s start with the bath bubbles! The Pinkie Pie bath gel smells of fresh green apples. I’m not really into apple-scented hair and body products because they usually don’t smell very natural. However, this apple fragrance is actually very well done. I like it!

The Fluttershy bath gel smells of mixed berries. It’s not too sweet which is nice. The berry fragrance reminds me of the flavour of M&S’ new Connie Caterpillar Berry Gums!

The Rainbow Dash shower gel smells like mixed yellow fruits. It’s not the most special fragrance, but it’s pleasant. The shower gel is also super gentle!

The Rarity shampoo doesn’t lather up very well, but it’s suprisingly clarifying. But the best thing is the fragrance. The shampoo smells of sweet and juicy raspberries. Delicious!

I paid £3.99 for this My Little Pony Cutie Beauty Bath Set. This year’s My Little Pony toiletries set is £3.99 as well. I would definitely recommend the set!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

7 thoughts on “My Little Pony Cutie Beauty Bath Set

  1. I remember when you bought these! ❤ I think I would love the Pinkie Pie bath gel – I LOVE apple scents! Glad they came out with a set this year too. Knowing you, you've probably got it on your shopping list for Boxing Day! 😉

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