Never Again – The Ultimate Beauty Duds – Part 2

Hi there! A few weeks ago I did a post about beauty products that I think are useless. That post proved to be popular, so here’s part 2 of The Ultimate Beauty Duds! Enjoy!

Positively Fruity Body Lotions – Smells Like Sunny Strawberries, Smells Like Wild Cherries & Smells Like Tropical Showers
Positively Fruity Body Lotions
These body lotions were a total letdown. The tubes looked really cute, and the fragrances sounded nice. But these lotions were extemely poorly fragranced. Seriously, I could hardly smell anything at all. 😦

Boots Naked Colour Shampoo & Conditioner

These two hair products are two of the worst I’ve ever tried. The shampoo doesn’t lather up properly (it’s SLS-free), and the conditioner doesn’t condition at all. I think it anti-conditions, and it made me lose about five times as much hair as I’d normally lose in the shower. Complete rubbish!

Poundland Make-Up: Make Up Gallery Colour Story Eyeshadows &
Olay Regenerist Luminous Dark Circle Correcting Eye Swirl

I was so excited when Poundland launched its own make-up line. We were promised foundations, powders, blushes, lip gloss, eyeshadows, lipsticks and other make-up basics for £1 per item. I ended up with one lipstick (the only wearable shade), one nail polish (glitter) and three eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are rubbish. They’re chalky, they’re not well pigmented, and they’re not buildable at all. Definitely the worst eyeshadows I’ve ever tried.

If you read my blog regularly, you know I’m a total Olay nut. So whilst I usually find Olay products excellent, this eye swirl disappointed me. I didn’t see any improvement in my fiine lines or my dark circles. And whilst the shimmer particles in this eye cream reflect light and can make dark circles invisible, this effect is only temporary, and it’s gone as soon as you cleanse your face. Another problem is that eye cream is too rich. I couldn’t use it under my make-up, so I could only use this eye cream on homeworking days (= when I don’t wear make-up). Not what I wanted or expected…

Maybelline Colour Sensational Popsticks 040 Crystal Pink, 060 Citrus Slice, 080 Cherry Pop
2015 Maybelline Popsticks 01
These Maybelline pop sticks were awful. They were supposed to be lip balms, but they weren’t hydrating at all. They felt super waxy, and they smelled like plastic… I binned these a long time ago!

Body Fantasies Kissing In The Rain & Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy Fragrance Body Sprays

I really hated these body sprays. Kissing In The Rain smells like gym locker + wet dog. Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy smells… sour. Just the thought of these ‘fragrances’ makes me gag…

Yves Rocher Complete Anti-Age Global Serum &
Clarins Double Serum – Complete Age Control Concentrate

This Yves Rocher serum made my skin feel sensationally dry. Clarins’ serum didn’t do anything at all for me. Well, it made my pores look bigger, but that’s not what it was supposed to do…

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Silky Smoother Shampoo & Conditioner
Garnier Vanilla
Whilst these two hair care products smell absolutely delicious, there was nothing else that I liked about them. The shampoo turned my hair into a knotty and unflexible mess which the conditioner couldn’t take care of. Double-conditioning, sometimes even triple-conditioning, was a daily must… I think I finished the big 400ml conditioner in around ten days. Shocking, I know! By the way, these two products seem to disappear from the supermarket and drugstore shelves. So I guess I’m not the only one who was underwhelmed by these products.

100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free – Superdrug Clearly Youthful Blemish Treatment Gel
Superdrug Clearly Youthful Blemish Gel
This product did the opposite of what it was supposed to. The spots that I “treated” with this product took even longer to heal!

So, this was the second edition of The Ultimate Beauty Duds. I’m not saying that no one could ever like any of these products (some of them are still around). It’s just that I found them to be awful. But if you like any of these products, that’s good for you.

Any beauty duds you’d like to tell me about? Feel free to let me know. And thanks for reading!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

19 thoughts on “Never Again – The Ultimate Beauty Duds – Part 2

  1. I had a different version of the Ultimate Blends shampoo & conditioner, I think it was called delicate soother and the fragrance was oak milk or something… I also wasn’t impressed! It made my hair so greasy and not clean at all xx

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  2. It’s almost a shame when a product has a good scent and it sucks, it would feel better if everything about it was bad haha! The Maybelline lipsticks look cool but they sound horrible 😦 x

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    • Thanks for stopping by.
      Don’t worry about the products not being available in your country. You haven’t missed anything, I promise!

      In regards to what I did with those products… some I finished, some I gave away, and yes, some I threw away (I had to!).


  3. This was an interesting post, I was thinking of doing something similar, since I myself tried so many products last month. My most unsettling dud was:

    Softsoap Coconut Butter Body Scrub FFFFFF

    For whatever reason it made me stink. Worked fine as a product, did it’s job, but made my body smell so gross. I have to say I am super confused. Been using SoftSoap for years, and can’t say this has ever happened before.

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    • Thank you!
      It was really fun doing those beauty duds posts. I’ve just finished part 3 – but it won’t be up until next month.

      I think you should do a similar post. It’s fun to write, I promise! You could start with the disgusting Softsoap scrub… 😉

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  5. Those Poundland shadow look barely there! How disappointing.
    I remember when those Maybelline pop lipsticks launched. They looked so futuristic… but most reviews talked about how waxy they were.
    I used to be addicted to that Clarins Double Serum – for the scent! I went through a few full sized bottles only to realise it did absolutely nothing for my skin!

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    • Stashy, your parcel has arrived! It got held up at customs, but I can collect it tomorrow.
      I will also make another attempt at reading all the emails I haven’t been able to get on top of for a number of reasons. You’ll know soon.

      Hugs and kisses from London xoxoxo

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      • Oh I’m glad to hear that the parcel arrived finally! If they charge you any duty, let me know and I’ll reimburse you! I marked it as a gift and lower value but they never seem to care.
        I look forward to your email… 😍

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      • OK, so you’re sending me freebies and now you want to send me money?!

        I missed the porter by a few minutes yesterday (train was late), but I picked up your parcel a few minutes ago. 😍😍😍

        I’ll open it as soon as my husband has gone to bed. I’ll be in touch later. Squeeeeeeeeee!

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      • OMG Stashy!
        Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
        I wanted to open the parcel last night, but my husband ruined my plans. So I got up extra early! 😆
        I just opened the parcel and I’ve just looked at and touched every item once. I don’t know what to say! I’m overwhelmed by your generosity!
        I’ll be spending a few minutes with the goodies and then I have to get ready (I should have gotten up earlier…). But I will finish early (around lunch time) today, and then I’ll be in touch. There’s so much to tell!

        Sending you hugs and kisses from across the pond. xoxo

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      • Stashy, I hope you don’t think I’m the worst person in the world!
        The last few days… I don’t know where to start… 😖

        I have set aside 2 hours for tomorrow to do what I actually want to do (well, it’s 4am now, so it’ll be later today).

        I will explain everything tomoz.


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