Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy Eau De Toilette

Hi there! Today’s post is about Anna Sui‘s Flight Of Fancy Eau de Toilette. I’ve been wearing this fragrance on and off for over a year now, so I thought it’s time for a review!

Alrighty! This fragrance contains the following notes: litchi, lemon, yuzu (top notes), freesia, rose, magnolia (heart notes), and amber, musk and woods (base notes).

I think Flight Of Fancy is a wonderful summer fragrance. It smells of sunny lemons with a touch of freesia. It’s fresh, full of energy, summery, yellow and happy. If you’ve ever wanted a fragrance that’s a mix of D&G Light Blue (which is lemon-fresh) and J Lo Live (which is incredibly juicy), this is it!

Anna Sui‘s Flight Of Fancy Eau de Toilette is available as 30, 50 and 75ml Eau de Toilette. In addition, Anna Sui does seasonal gift sets with matching body products!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

7 thoughts on “Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy Eau De Toilette

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    • Wear it!

      How are you, Stashy?

      I have a half-written email for you saved in my drafts.
      And I have a half-full (OK, more like 40% full) box of beauty stuff for you next to some of my boxes.
      I can’t get anything done in real life with that cr*ppy job. I made my bed….

      How’s life treating you?

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      • Aww, it’s tough to balance life sometimes huh!
        I’m doing well. Took a bit of a break from social media for the month of August. Work is going well – busy but I’m not hating it. I’m off on vacation the week after next – going out to the Canadian east coast so lots of seafood and coastal drives!

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