Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream 56K

Hi there! Today I’m reviewing another matte lip product – Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream 56K. I’ve already reviewed one of these matte lip products, and you can read the review here. But let’s focus on this one!

Right… I don’t like this product at all. And here’s why: First of all, both the look and the feel of this product are dry af. Terrible! This lip cream feels wonderfully velvety when it’s applied, but once it’s dry, it really is dry! But there’s more…

The colour is something else! This shade is clearly not for me. Since I hate letting products go to waste, I am now mixing this mat lip cream with the other one (pale nude shade) AND with an overly creamy lipstick (the kind that doesn’t just bleed into the foundation but actually almost “slips off”). I know it sounds over the top but it actually works well, so I’m getting more than just some use out of a number of unloved products. 🙂

If you’re interested in matte lip products, Manhattan‘s Soft Mat Lip Creams (different shades) are available at the Poundstores for ÂŁ1 each.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

3 thoughts on “Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream 56K

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  2. I don’t like to waste either. There is no hurt in trying to make things work.

    Can’t really help you with colour, but if ever you run across a product like this again, get the COVERGIRL – Outlast All-Day Lip Color Top Coat Refill, I use these over all my matte lipsticks, because to be honest, I don’t like matte lipsticks, but I like that most formulas are transfer proof and long lasting.

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