Primark PS… Foaming Bubble Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about Primark’s PS… Foamig Bubble Mask.

This face mask promises to give skin a deep clean to remove grease and grime. You’re supposed to apply the mask, leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and then simply wash it off.

Is this mask any good? It’s OK, I think.

The mask is plain white. It’s creamy, but within seconds of it touching the skin, it starts to bubble up. It’s awesome fun!

However, I don’t think that the mask was particularly cleansing. Based on my experience, I’d say the mask didn’t do anything at all for my skin. Whilst it was fun to use, it was actually useless.

My husband enjoyed using the mask – but this was solely because of its novelty. However, we had a great time taking photos of each other with the bubble mask on. 😀

Primark’s PS… Foamig Bubble Mask is made in Korea, and it’s 80p at Primark!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

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