Astor Soft Sensation Lipstick 114

Hi there! Today’s short post is about Astor‘s Soft Sensation Lipstick. The shade I’m wearing is 114. I think this is a lovely shade for this time of year. It’s a soft berry to plum shade that suits a lot of skin tones. I love this shade because it looks good with my pale skin. Many darker berry or plum shades give me an unwanted gothic look, so this kind of shade is just right for me. 🙂

I’m also in love with the formula. This is a super creamy lipstick that feels lovely on my lips. Whilst this lipstick doesn’t survive a meal, it lasts well if I don’t drink or snack every couple of minutes. And it lasts pretty much all day if I seal it with a lipliner (yes, a plain and simple lip liner). All in all, I’m very happy that I picked up this pretty lipstick for £1 at one of the bargain stores!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

6 thoughts on “Astor Soft Sensation Lipstick 114

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  3. That is really pretty. I am pale too, but I love the berries so much, I embrace my inner goth girl, and just wear them anyway, haha. Not sure how much longer I can get away with it with how red my hair has been turning. So weird going from golden blonde to red. Nature is odd.

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    • Ah! I went from natural red to a reddish brown with greys in between. I now dye my hair every three months to make it look like it looked 10 years ago! 😀
      Nature is odd indeed!
      And yes, embrace your inner goth girl, and channel her through your favourite lippies!

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