Major Haul! Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler, The Crème Shop, Patisserie De Bain, Soap & Glory, Sanctuary Spa, Boots No.7, Valjean Labs & More!

Hi there! Since I’ve been shopping a lot lately, I thought I’d let you know what I got my hands on. It’s mainly stuff from the bargain stores and discounted gift sets from the post-Christmas sale. OK, here’s everything I picked up!

Thierry Mugler Aura gift set£32.66. Debenhams.

Max & More No. 4 Nude Eyeshadow Palette£2. I haven’t heard of Max & More, so I looked up the brand… apparently it’s a cruelty-free brand from the Netherlands. Fantastic stuff!

Max & More No. 1 Forest Eyeshadow Palette£2. I found these palettes at Poundland.

Primark Holler And Glow Nails Before Tails Nail Polish Set£4.
Patisserie De Bain Raspberry Roulade Hand Cream, Orange Crush Hand Cream£1 each.
Patisserie De Bain Sweet As Cherry Pie Body Mist£1.
The Patisserie De Bain products are Poundland finds!

Lisseau Cocoa Body Butter80p.
Liseau Vanilla Body Butter80p.
These body butters are from Poundstretcher!

YSL Cinéma Eau de Parfum£31.50 (half price offer, Debenhams).
Malki Dead Sea Natural Sulphur Soap x2, £3.75 each and a 3 for 2 offer, so I am pretty annoyed that Boots forgot the 3rd item – but I have dropped them an email, and I hope they send me the missing Dead Sea soap asap.

The Crème Shop Santa’s List Charcoal Sheet Mask (pack of 5)£4.99.
The Crème Shop Pumpkin Spice Fusion Sheet Mask (pack of 5) £4.99.
These masks are from TK Maxx!

The Crème Shop Last Christmas Naughty & Nice Sheet Masks (pack of 6, 3 Naughty and 3 Nice masks) – £5.99.
TK Maxx, again.

The Crème Shop Holiday Cheer & Clear Sheet Masks (pack of 6, 3 Naughty and 3 Nice masks) – £5.99.
Yup, they’re from TK Maxx as well.

Valjean Labs Revive + Renew Day Serum And Sleeping Mask Duo £9.99.
Another TK Maxx find!

Sanctuary Spa gift set£7. Boots.

Another Sanctuary Spa gift set. This one contains a shower gel, luxury bath float, body butter and hand cream. These are all full sizes. I’m sorry I haven’t opened this one yet. 1 at a time! This set was £12.50. Boots.

Sanctuary Spa gift set number 3 – £10. Yes, Boots again.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me and Scrub Of Your Life. These came in a gift set with…

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter, Hand Food and 2 bath bombs. I am not going to use the bath bombs. They’re glittery. I’ll give them to the first person who wants them. The gift set with all 6 products was £10. Boots.

Creightons Hand CreamsArgan Oil, Cocoa Butter, Manuka Honey. I am not sure how much these were, but I’ll check the next time I swing by Home Bargains.

2 more Patisserie De Bain Hand Creams – these were £1 each. Poundland.

Boots No.7 gift set – this set contains all sorts of goodies. It was £39 (better than half price offer before the sale even started). Boots.

And finally… I bought 2 more George at Asda duvet cover sets. They’re king size, and they were £14 each. I love these designs! However, I need to stop buying duvet cover sets. I bought 6 over the past year, and even though I got rid of all the old (very old, actually) duvet cover sets, I have more than enough now.

*** By the way, please remember not to dispose of unwanted textiles of any kind (clothes, towels, bedding, etc) with your household rubbish. Your local charity shop will gladly accept items in good condition, H&M and other high street stores run textile recycling schemes (H&M accepts clothes and household textiles like towels and bedding), and animal shelters are usually happy to accept towels and duvet covers (but not duvets as they’re difficult to clean and they can’t be recycled). ***

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

9 thoughts on “Major Haul! Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler, The Crème Shop, Patisserie De Bain, Soap & Glory, Sanctuary Spa, Boots No.7, Valjean Labs & More!

    • I picked up a Valjean Labs serum a few weeks ago, and back then you told me that you liked their serums.

      So it was because of you that I picked up a few more Valjean products. Thanks for the recommendation. xo

      I can’t wait to start using these products.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You’re living my opposite life! I haven’t been shopping much at all.

    That Nails Before Tails Nail Polish Set looks so fun!

    I spotted that The Crème Shop Santa’s List Charcoal Sheet Mask and was tempted. But I’ve got so many masks to work through first! I did succumb to The Crème Shop collaboration with Sanrio because I’m a sucker for all things Hello Kitty.

    I really do not understand why bath bombs need to include glitter! Same with body lotions – one year The Body Shop had these body lotions that had SO MUCH glitter, it was like I’d painted my skin with metallic body paint. 😮

    My top pick of all your loot is that Boots No.7 gift set! Wow – what a great score and a fantastic way to try all those products.

    For Boxing Day (Week) I bought just one beauty product on sale – a perfume set from Philosophy in the Ballet Rose scent. I had tested a sample of this perfume and really liked how it smells on my skin (fresh light rose).

    Good tip about donating home textiles. I had to replace a few pillows last week but wasn’t able to donate them, unfortunately.

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    • I love Hello Kitty too! I bought Hello Kitty water decals. And Twin Stars decals. And a large sheet of Sanrio decals. I think I can get away with wearing those at work. 🙂

      OMG, did you finish that TBS metalic paint body lotion?

      I wish I had the chance to replace stuff from around the house. But the cheap cr@p from Primark and Asda lasts forever, and I can’t bring myself to throw out perfectly good pillows, cushions, throws, etc. I think I have to take some of that stuff into work. I have no doubt it’ll disappear in no time!


    • Thank you!
      I’m happy with what I bought too. I love those duvet covers. And I’m thinking I could probably do manis to match them! 😜

      I hope you get around to dropping off the bag with the clothes. I have stuff to drop off too, and I’ll do it tomorrow. I have the day off, and I’m not planning on leaving the house at all today. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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