Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 HR Breathable Foundation With SPF 20 / 200 Soft Beige

Hi there! Today’s post is about Rimmel‘s Lasting Finish 25 HR Breathable Foundation With SPF 20. The shade I’ve tried is 200 Soft Beige. I would have needed the lightest shade, but this one was alright for the purpose of testing the foundation on a stay-at-home day.

This foundation promises medium flawless coverage that lasts all day as well as UV protection. Applying the foundation is easy – Rimmel says it’s best applied with your fingers or with a make-up brush. I’ve now tried this foundation, and here’s what I think.

I can make a long story short – I think this foundation is awful! It’s not suitable for dry skin at all. The foundation dried too quickly, it creased badly, and it highlighted lines that I’ve never even seen before! I also found the coverage disappointing. I think the coverage is light to medium at best.

As if this weren’t enough… despite the relatively poor coverage, this foundation felt like a mask, and it looked extremely cakey. I tried to fix it with a damp sponge, but it didn’t work. And here’s the best bit! This foundation made my face look like the land of one million pores. Yikes! 😨

Based on my experience, I wouldn’t recommend this foundation at all. I make room for the possibility that it might work for other skin types, but if you have dry skin, this foundation isn’t for you.

Rimmel‘s Lasting Finish 25 HR Breathable Foundation With SPF 20 is available as 30ml for £8.29.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

10 thoughts on “Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 HR Breathable Foundation With SPF 20 / 200 Soft Beige

  1. Ok I’ve been using this foundation for months and have experienced the opposite. I’m actually wearing it today. I think it looks best blended out with a sponge (it looks awful/streaky/cakey with a brush). It doesn’t dry fast on me. It does last all day but it’ll fade off my nose & chin a bit after several hours. I prefer the old version with the red cap that was full coverage as I’m more of a full coverage girl. This “breathable” version is ok for everyday for me (I use it most days for work). It’s not the best but for me it’s not terrible. Maybe you got a bad sample of it?

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