Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF15

Hi there! Today’s post is about the face cream I’m using at the moment – Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream with SPF 15. This face cream for people with normal to dry skin promises to brighten and protect skin for 24 hours. I’ve been using this face cream for a few weeks now, and here’s what I think.

I’m enjoying this day cream very much! I can’t comment on whether it’s actually brightening (my face has reached maximum brightness levels since I started using Superdrug’s Skin Brightening Solution almost 2 months ago). However, I think this day cream is very good because it feels rich and insanely moisturising, and it plays amazingly well with my foundation (Max Factor Pan Stik). I think Boots did a fantastic job with this day cream!

Boots Botanics All Bright Day Cream with SPF15 is available as 50ml for £6.99. I paid £2.50 (clearance, old packaging).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

7 thoughts on “Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF15

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