Nail Of The Day – Revlon Colorstay 290 Midnight & Foils

Hi there! Today’s post is about a mani I did just last month. It’s not the most spectacular mani, and I’ve noticed that the middle finger looks weird in the photo (like there’s a dent in the nail), but it’s too late to take new photos now…

OK, for this mani I painted my nails with Revlon Colorstay 290 Midnight (1 coat). I like this polish a lot. The colour is gorgeous!

For the colourful effect I used rainbow foils. If you’re wondering how do to foil nails, check out this pictorial. Foil nails are incredibly easy to do!

As I said earlier, this mani was rather unspectacular. I didn’t love it. But it was alright for a few days.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

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