My Favourite Manis Of 2019

Hi there! I hope you’ve enjoyed the post-Christmas weekend. 😊 I thought I’d squeeze in a post about my favourite manis in 2019. And here they are:

1 Nautical Nails
2 Elegant Nails
3 Purple & Yellow Nails

4 Christmas Nails
5 Green Marble Nails
6 Purple Foil Nails

7 Purple & Yellow Nails
8 Orange & Green Nails
9 Floral Foil Nails

10 Inspired By A Flag (Belarus) Nails
11 Light Blue Nails
12 Galaxy Nails

13 Holo Nails
14 Pink & Lavender Nails
15 Purple Nails

16 Blue Marble Nails
17 Halloween Nails
18 Purple Glitter Nails

19 Purple Nails
20 Red & Green Nails
21 Nautical Nails

And this is already it! I hope I’ll be able to do lots of cute manis in 2020. I’ve got stamping plates, foils and glitter top coats – so I’ve got what I need… Thanks for stopping by today, and enjoy the weekend!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Manis Of 2019

    • Thank you hun!
      So did you! I looooved the purple mani you did with Zero Time 137 and the silver chrome mani with Primark’s Nova polish (I must buy it)!. I also have Accessorize Ladybird – I hope I’ll get around to wear this polish soon!
      You got a lot of wear out of Ciaté’s Christmas calendar. I didn’t buy this year’s because I’ve got around 75-100 Ciaté minis from the last couple of years and I hardly wear those polishes…


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