Imperial Leather Mauritian Spa, Japanese Spa

Hi there! Today’s post is about 2 shower gels I’m using at the moment – Imperial Leather Mauritian Spa and Imperial Leather Japanese Spa. I found these at one of the bargain stores, and I’m glad I did!

Imperial Leather Mauritian Spa with vanilla bean and cherry blossom is 100% fantastic. The vanilla and cherry fragrance smells like a mix of Cherry Garcia ice cream and Kenzo Amour perfume. It’s just wow!

Imperial Leather Japanese Spa is an old favourite of mine. I adore the sweet green fragrance. It’s lovely!

Imperial Leather Mauritian Spa and Imperial Leather Japanese Spa are available as 250ml. I paid £1 each. The shower gels are limited editions, but these 2 fragrances have been renamed and repackaged a few times already, so it’s likely that Imperial Leather will recycle the fragrances and formulas at some point.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

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