Spa Premium Epsom Salts

Hi there! Today’s post is about these Spa Premium Epsom Salts which I’ve tried just last week. I’ve previously tried different bath salts from this brand, and I was happy with those. So when I overdid it with the exercise last week, it was the perfect opportunity to try these bath salts.

The instructions state that 250g of bath salts are sufficient for 1 bath. The pack contains 495g = enough for 2 baths. The recommended soak time is 15-20 minutes.

I took a 45-minute bath with these bath salts, and I think they’re very good. On the pack it says that these bath salts are great for post-workout recovery – and I agree!

Based on my experience, I’d recommend these bath salts. If you’re interested, Spa Premium Epsom Salts are available as 495g for £1 (Poundstretcher). I will buy them again, no doubt!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

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