DearBoo Lavender & Cactus Everyday Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about this DearBoo Lavender & Cactus Everyday Mask. This mask promises to hydrate skin. Using this mask is esy – cleanse your face, put on the mask, leave it alone for 15-20 minutes, then massage the essence from the sachet into your skin.

I’ve given this mask a try, and I’m happy to report that I love it. This mask was such a surprise find just before the end of the year. I found it wonderfully hydrating, I liked the subtle fragrance, and the best thing was that the mask didn’t leave a sticky film on my face. All it left behind was soft skin! 🥰

If you’re interested, DearBoo Lavender & Cactus Everyday Mask is available as a pack of 10 x 27ml single use face masks. I paid ÂŁ6.99 (TK Maxx) for this set of 10 masks.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

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