Jayjun Pollution-Proof Luminous Mask

Hi there! Welcome to face mask week! This week I’ll be posting about face masks only, and today’s post is about this Jayjun Pollution-Proof Luminous Mask with niacinamide 😍, pro-vitamin B5 and lots of botanical extracts. This mask promises to brighten skin and to repel dust. I’ve seen a few funny translations, but this is my favourite so far. 😂

I’ve given this mask a try, and I found it very enjoyable. The essence is similar to Olay’s original pink Beauty Fluid – maybe a bit thicker. It’s hydrating, it made my skin feel soft, and I would agree that it’s mildly brightening. This mask is on the stickier side, but it’s definitely OK considering how lovely this mask is.

Jayjun Pollution-Proof Luminous Mask is available as a pack of 5 x 27ml face masks. I paid £3.99 (TK Maxx).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

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