Radox Blueberry Scent Bath Bomb

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Radox Blueberry Scent Bath Bomb. I’ve been wanting to try some of Radox’s bath bombs for a while. But they’re usually about £2.50 each which I find too expensive for a single-use bath product. Because of this, I was delighted when I saw them for £1 at my local B&M Bargains store! I bought 2 different ones to try, and here’s what I think of this one!

I tried this bath bomb just a few days ago, and I found it to be very pleasant. I love to eat fresh blueberries, but I often find blueberry-scented and blueberry-flavoured products to be a bit nauseating. So this bath bomb was a nice surprise as it smells fresh and fruity – yes, blueberry-fruity. The bath bomb contains oils which made my skin feel lovely – I didn’t expect that but I’m not unhappy about it.

All in all, I think this is a nice product! Radox Blueberry Scent Bath Bomb is available as a 100g single-use bath bomb. How much you pay for it will depend on where you shop!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

3 thoughts on “Radox Blueberry Scent Bath Bomb

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