Sofia Vergara Tempting Eau De Parfum

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Sofia Vergara Tempting Eau De Parfum. This fragrance contains the following notes: pineapple, acai berry and mandarin blossom (top notes), passion flower, vanilla orchid and star jasmine (heart notes), and musk, vanilla and sandalwood (base notes).

I’ve given this fragrance a try, and I didn’t care for it. I gave it another try, and another, and another… but this fragrance is just not good. Don’t believe anyone who says this fragrance smells like Deseo. It doesn’t. Deseo was such a sophisticated, grown-up and sexy tropical fragrance. Tempting smells nothing like it. OK! But what does it smell like? It’s a good question. Tempting doesn’t smell of much, and what little I can smell is a fruity mess, mixed with headache-inducing powder and… pencil shavings. If I hadn’t know that this is an actual celebrity fragrance, I would have thought it’s a cheap body spray.

I’m really disappointed with this fragrance, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Not even as a joke gift because it’s too expensive for that. But if you’re interested, Sofia Vergara Tempting Eau De Parfum is available as 100ml. I paid just under £20, I believe. A total waste of money. This is another fragrance I’ll “forget” next time I go to the office. I hope someone else will be happy to have it.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

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