Adidas for Women shower gels – Vitality & Happy

Adidas shower gelsHi there! Here’s another post about products I’ve bought ages ago, but haven’t used – until now. Meet Adidas Vitality and Happy!

Adidas Vitality smells green – I guess it’s a mix of lime and mint. The shower gel also contains massage pearls.

I like that this shower gel doesn’t make my skin feel dry, and the massage pearls feel quite nice.

However, this shower gel is one of the tingly ones (Hate!) and I won’t continue to use it in the shower. Saying this, it might be great for foot baths.

Adidas Happy on the other hand is a product I enjoy a lot. It’s just as gentle and non-drying as the Vitality shower gel. However, Happy smells wonderfully sweet, juicy and feminine – and it’s not a tingly shower gel. I will definitely buy it again!

If you’d like to try Adidas Vitality and Happy, you can find these full size 250 ml shower gels for only 99p or £1 in many discount stores.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde