100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free – Marks & Spencer Warm Neroli Eau De Toilette

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Marks & Spencer Warm Neroli Eau De Toilette. I bought this a few months ago when I sampled most of M&S’ new(ish) fragrances. You could say I had a power sniffing session. Whilst I disliked most of the fragrances I sampled that day, I thought this fragrance was nice. It’s been living – unused – in my stash since then. But I finally started to use it. And here’s what I think.

This fragrance contains the following notes: neroli, bergamot and musk. I generally like fragrances with these notes, but this one is an exception. This fragrance is just bad! What did I think I was smelling when I tested it? I guess my nose was confused after sampling so many fragrances…

What is this fragrance like? When you spray it, it’s immediately harsh and unpleasant – and breathing in this fragrance will make you cough. It’s awful. Once the fragrance has settled, it smells like an unrefined and cheap mess. It reminds me very much of those questionable bottom shelf hairsprays from the 90s. I wore this fragrance for one day only, I hated it instantly, and even my husband asked me if I could “forget” this fragrance at the office. Yes, that’s what I’ll do!

If you’re interested, Marks & Spencer Warm Neroli Eau De Toilette is available as 30ml for £6 and 100ml for £10. Also, this fragrance is vegan and certified cruelty-free (it carries THE Leaping Bunny logo).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Yves Rocher Oui A L’Amour L’Eau De Parfum

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Yves Rocher Oui A L’Amour L’Eau De Parfum which I started to use earlier this month. This fragrance has been in my stash for ages. I never even tried it because the girly pink box made me think of overly sweet fragrances aimed at teenagers. And, equally, it also reminded me of some rather old-fashioned floral fragrances without much finesse. Obviously, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but hey ho…

Alrighty! This fragrance contains the following notes: angelica, rose, cedar. That’s a rather short list! But let’s see if this fragrance is any good…

I think Oui A L’Amour is a lovely fragrance. It smells like vanilla-kissed roses with a whiff of citrus. It’s really nice! This fragrance has a fresh and modern feel about it. I’m glad that it doesn’t smell overly sweet, and that it’s not a loud and unrefined mix of all sorts of different flowers.

One thing I have to deduct an imaginary point for is the staying power of this fragrance. It lasts for 2-3 hours the most, and it doesn’t even linger on clothes or scarves. Since I got this fragrance as a free gift with purchase, I don’t mind spraying it rather liberally. But if you were to pay full price, I can imagine that the lack of staying power would be disappointing.

If you’re interested, Yves Rocher Oui A L’Amour L’Eau De Parfum is available as 30 and 50ml.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Beckham Fragrances Intimately Beckham Eau De Toilette

Hi there! Today’s post is about Beckham Fragrances Intimately Beckham Eau De Toilette which has the following notes: white flowers, rose and bergamot (top notes), tuberose, lily and orange blossom (heart notes), and musk, sandalwood and vanilla (base notes).

Intimately Beckham is such a lovely fragrance! It smells very much like Dior Poison – wow! It’s feminine and floral, soft and warm, and it’s suitable for all age groups! I love the mix of lily and tuberose with a kiss of musk and a touch of vanilla. I’ve been wearing this fragrance for 3 weeks now, and I can’t stop using it. Too bad because the bottle will be empty within days. 😢

Like so many other good things, Beckham Fragrances Intimately Beckham Eau De Toilette has been discontinued. I have a 30ml bottle – and I regret not getting the big 75ml one as this fragrance used to be dirt cheap via Fragrance Direct and allbeauty.com. Ah well… for now, I will enjoy the last few drops of this fragrance while I hope for the Beckham ladies fragrances to be revived. Fingers crossed!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Diesel Fuel For Life Unlimited Body Lotion & Eau De Parfum

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Diesel Fuel For Life Unlimited Body Lotion & Eau De Parfum gift set. I dug it up from my stash the other day, and I was delighted to find it. I used to love Diesel Fuel For Life Unlimited – I went through several bottles 10+ years ago. Memories of a much different time in my life…
Alrighty, let’s look at the products. Diesel Fuel For Life Unlimited Eau De Parfum has the following notes: lemon, mandarin, guava and peach (top notes), licorice, jasmine, tuberose, aloe vera and lily (heart notes), and sandalowood, cedar and musk (base notes).

This fragrance is simply divine! It starts off with fresh and sunny citruses. After a few minutes the citruses have disappeared, and the fragrance smells spicy and warm – with a lot of licorice and a touch of musk, kissed by sandalwood. Gorgeous!
The body lotion is lovely too! It smells just as good as the fragrance, and it’s a beautifully scented base for the EdP. I find the body lotion to be hydrating and easy to use – it’s not too runny, and it sinks right into the skin. This is a quality body lotion! I’m enjoying it very much!
I still love these products all these years later. It’s a shame that this fragrance has been discontinued. I believe it was only ever meant as a limited edition – although I never understood why you’d have “unlimited” in the name of a limited edition fragrance.

Anyhoo… Diesel Fuel For Life Unlimited Body Lotion is available as 200ml and Diesel Fuel For Life Unlimited Eau De Parfum is available as 50ml. These items now sell for stupid money online – I would never pay that much. So I’ll just enjoy these products for as long as they last (and I’ll give myself a pat on the back for hoarding fragrances and fragrance gift sets).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Elizabeth Arden White Tea Ginger Lily Eau De Toilette

Hi there! Today’s post is about Elizabeth Arden White Tea Ginger Lily Eau De Toilette. I’ve been wanting to buy the original White Tea fragrance for ages – but I never did. But when I saw this White Tea Ginger Lily for half price (£21), I pounced on it! And since I liked the original White Tea, I was confident that this blind buy wouldn’t turn out to be a bad buy.

Alrighty, Elizabeth Arden White Tea Ginger Lily contains the following notes: bitter orange, bergamot, neroli and mandarin (top notes), ginger, white ginger lily and violet (heart notes), and musk, mate tea, cedar and tonka bean.

I’ve been sniffing, testing and wearing White Tea Ginger Lily for a week now, and I love it! This is definitely a summer fragrance. It’s bursting with sunny citruses and white tea. I also think it smells very similar to the original White Tea. If you own one of them, you probably don’t really need the other unless you really love the fragrance. Personally, I love this fragrance, and I’d still like to buy the original White Tea. And I’d also like to try some of the other White Tea editions.

If you’re interested, Elizabeth Arden White Tea Ginger Lily Eau De Toilette is available as 100ml for usually about £42. I bought mine for half price (£21 at allbeauty.com).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

2022 Favourites (Skin Care, Hair Care, Eyes, Lips, Fragrances)

Hi there! Today’s post is about my favourite products in 2022. Only the best of the best! Let’s take a look!

Scinic Sparkling Pore Toner

This is one of the best toners I’ve ever used. 😍

Agent Provocateur Fatale Intense Eau De Parfum

Fatale Intense is like a lighter version of Thierry Mugler’s Angel. 😇

Jil Sander Simply Elixir Eau De Parfum & Rich Body Cream

Simply Elixir was a very successful blind buy. It’s like a lady’s version of Dior Fahrenheit! 🌡

Oriflame Mirage Eau De Parfum

Mirage is one of the most beautiful and unique fragrance I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling. It’s the Moira Rose of fragrances. 😍

Yves Saint Laurent Elle Limited Edition 2011, Yves Saint Laurent Elle Limited Edition 2012

I love YSL’s limited editions of Elle! 🗼

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Moisturising Facial Oil

Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant Facial Oil is a skin care super hero! 💗

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Biotin + Bamboo Shampoo & Conditioner

These Pantene hair care products are some of my all-time favourite shampoo and conditioner combos. 😍

Antonio Banderas Her Secret Temptation Eau De Toilette

Her Secret Temptation is another amazing Antonio Banderas fragrance. Wow! 💗

Boots Live + Be Woodland Whisper Whipped Body Cream

This whipped body cream is one of the best body moisturisers I’ve used over the past year (or more). Insanely beautiful fragrance, perfect formula. 😍

Marks & Spencer Lip Balm
Prada Infusion De Fleur D’Oranger Eau De Parfum

This M&S lip balm is one of the best lip products I’ve ever used. Incredible stuff. 😍
Prada’s orange flower fragrance is my favourite Prada fragrance. I hope they’ll relaunch it so I can repurchase this gem! 💗

Revlon Custom Eyes 020 Naturally Glamorous

I love this eye palette so much! The quality of the eyeshadows is insane! 😍

Lancôme Hypnôse

Hypnôse is a cult classic and an incredibly beautiful fragrance. I love it! 💗

Ekél Natural Clean Peeling Gel Rice Bran

This is Ekél’s best peeling gel. Awesome stuff! 💗

MakeUp Revolution Redemption Palette Romantic Smoked

Wow, what an eye palette! This one was a wonderful surprise! 😍

Marks & Spencer Spiced Bergamot Eau De Toilette

M&S did an amazing job with this budget Light Blue-style fragrance. No, it’s not a dupe for Light Blue, but it’s the same type of fresh and summery citrus fragrance. 😍

Giorgio Armani Armani Code Summer Eau Fraîche
Nip + Fab Renew Retinol Fix Tonic Extreme

Armani Code Summer was a wonderful summer surprise. 🌞
Nip + Fab’s retinol toner is simply magical. 😍

Aussie Mega Shampoo & Conditioner

Aussie Mega is truly mega! An all-time favourite hair care combo. 💗

Yves Rocher Un Matin Au Jardin Cerisier En Fleurs Eau De Toilette
Salvador Dali Dalissime Eau De Toilette

Yves Rocher’s Cerisier En Fleurs fragrance was another lovely summer surprise. 🌞
Dalissime is one of my all-time favourite fragrances. I’ve been buying it since the 90s! 😍

Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Age-Defying Cream

This Olay moisturiser is simply stellar! I love it! 💗

Botanical Lab Neem Leaf + Salicylic Acid Anti-Blemish Gentle Face Wash
Neutrogena Clear & Soothe Toning Mist With Turmeric

This Botanical Lab face wash is one of the best face washes I’ve ever used. 😍
Neutrogena’s face mist with turmeric is a new skin care favourite. 💗

Ramer Sponges Cleansing Shammy For Sensitive Skin

This Shammy by Ramer Sponges is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. It’s that good that I bought 6 more already. These should last me for a long time – but I would always stock up on these. 💗

Marks & Spencer Water Jasmine Eau De Toilette

This fragrance is one of my favourites. It’similar to Light Blue (no, they’re not the same), and it’s refreshing and has this happy aura… I love it! 😍

Superdrug Revive Hair Care Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner

Superdrug did a fabulous job with these brilliant vegan collagen hair care products. 😍

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Eau Savoureuse Parfumante / Delectable Fragrant Water
Poundland #6 Vit C Toner

Rêve de Miel is one of my new favourite fragrances. I wish I had tried it sooner! 💗
Poundland’s Vit C Toner is an amazing skin care product. I love using it. 😍

Superdrug Extracts Banana 3 In 1 Hair Mask

Another amazing surprise find – I’m still enjoying this banana hair mask from Superdrug. 💗

Olay Anti-Wrinkle Firm & Lift Day Cream With SPF 15

Olay products have served me so well over the years, and this lovely face cream is no exception. I love it! 💗

I Love… Chocolate Truffle Nourishing Body Butter
Kenzo Amour Eau De Parfum

OMG, this Chocolate Truffle Body Butter is out of this world. LOVE! 😍
And what can I say about Kenzo Amour? It’s one of the most beautiful fragrances ever. 11 stars don’t do it justice. 💗

And this is it for the year! I hope you love some of these awesome products too – and if you don’t know them, I hope you’ll give them a try. Thanks for stopping by again today. Have a happy and healthy 2023! 🥳🥳🥳

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Pure Awesomeness – Kenzo Amour Eau De Parfum

Kenzo AmourHi there! Today’s post is about this Kenzo Amour Eau De Parfum which I’ve had in my stash for ages but forgot about.

I’ve actually gone through several bottles of this fragrance in the past (before I started this blog), so this fragrance isn’t new to me. However, even though I used to love it, I kind of forgot it existed. I’m not proud of it!

Alrighty, let’s look at the notes! Kenzo Amour contains rice and white tea (top notes), frangipani, cherry blossom and heliotrope (heart notes), and vanilla, incense, musk and thanaka wood (base notes).

Kenzo Amour is the most delicious vanilla, powder and rice pudding fragrance imaginable. It couldn’t be any more beautiful. Kenzo Amour is bottled innocence, hugged by love, light, more love and warmth. It’s so special!

Based on my experience, I’d recommend this fragrance to absolutely everyone. Go and give it a sniff! Kenzo Amour Eau De Parfum is available as 30, 50 and 100ml.

Kenzo used to do different colours for the different bottle sizes. I know because I have them all (plus lots of limited editions but that’s for another day). However, I think they only do red bottles now. The one in the photo is a 100ml – the bottles used to be orange, but now they’re red. Ah well, as long as they don’t change the fragrance, I don’t mind the colour of the bottle it comes in.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Hugo Boss Pure Purple Eau De Parfum

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Hugo Boss Pure Purple Eau De Parfum which I got in a swap with a good friend.

This fragrance contains the following notes: Nectarine and cyclamen (top notes), black velvet und floral notes (heart notes), and marzipan, suede and amber (base notes). This sounds like a rather unusual and interesting combo!

I’ve worn this fragrance most days for the past 3 weeks, and I think it’s pretty in its own way, but it’s not a favourite.

When I spray it on me, Pure Purple is a cyclamen and sugar bomb. Fortunately, the sugar doesn’t cancel out the floral freshness – although it disappears within minutes. Then the fragrance gets sweeter and sweeter. I think the “velvet” and the “floral notes” are basically violets. Maybe with a hint of orris root? There’s no suede – at least I can’t smell any. The marzipan note is very strong though! And it lasts and lasts and lasts…

I wouldn’t necessarily think that this fragrance smells “purple”. It has more of a pink feel to it. Sweet pink – very suitable for teenagers. Although this fragrance is, of course, much more elegant compared to what the drugstore has to offer to teens.

If you’re interested, Hugo Boss Pure Purple Eau De Parfum is available as 50ml and 90ml. I’ve seen these 2 sizes on ebay.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

100% Pure Awesomeness – Nuxe Rêve de Miel Eau Savoureuse Parfumante / Delectable Fragrant Water

Hi there! Happy Friday! Today’s post is about this Nuxe Rêve de Miel Eau Savoureuse Parfumante – or Delectable Fragrant Water.

I went to M&S the other day to try out a bunch of fragrances – and I came across this beauty. I sprayed it on me, let my husband have a sniff who then also sprayed it on himself – and a few minutes later we decided to buy this simply wonderful fragrance!

What does it smell like? According to Nuxe, it contains citrus notes, flowers, honey, sandalwood, tonka bean, orange blossom and musk. I think it smells like a sunkissed floral honey – like actual honey! The fragrance is sweet and gentle… it’s so lovely! Even though it’s just a “fragrant water” formula, it lasts for a long time on my skin, my scarves and my tops. Very nice!

My husband also enjoys this fragrance every once in a while – when he is in the mood for a sweet and cuddly fragrance.

Based on my own experience, I’d recommend this product. Interested? Nuxe Rêve de Miel Eau Savoureuse Parfumante / Delectable Fragrant Water is available as 100ml for £29.50 (M&S).

As always, make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients before use!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Sofia Vergara Tempting Eau De Parfum

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Sofia Vergara Tempting Eau De Parfum. This fragrance contains the following notes: pineapple, acai berry and mandarin blossom (top notes), passion flower, vanilla orchid and star jasmine (heart notes), and musk, vanilla and sandalwood (base notes).

I’ve given this fragrance a try, and I didn’t care for it. I gave it another try, and another, and another… but this fragrance is just not good. Don’t believe anyone who says this fragrance smells like Deseo. It doesn’t. Deseo was such a sophisticated, grown-up and sexy tropical fragrance. Tempting smells nothing like it. OK! But what does it smell like? It’s a good question. Tempting doesn’t smell of much, and what little I can smell is a fruity mess, mixed with headache-inducing powder and… pencil shavings. If I hadn’t know that this is an actual celebrity fragrance, I would have thought it’s a cheap body spray.

I’m really disappointed with this fragrance, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Not even as a joke gift because it’s too expensive for that. But if you’re interested, Sofia Vergara Tempting Eau De Parfum is available as 100ml. I paid just under £20, I believe. A total waste of money. This is another fragrance I’ll “forget” next time I go to the office. I hope someone else will be happy to have it.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛