Simple Pollution Protect Sheet Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Simple Pollution Protect Sheet Mask with vitamin B3, agave stem extract, niacinamide (although it’s listed very far down the list of ingredients) and sodium hyaluronate. This mask promises to combat dryness and to hydrate skin instantly.

I’ve given this mask a try, and I think it does exactly what it claims to do! The mask feels refreshing and hydrating. It’s definitely gentle, and it feels calming. I enjoyed this mask very much, and I already bought a few more!

Simple Pollution Protect Sheet Mask is available as a single use 21ml face mask. I paid £1 (Poundland).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Haul! New Stuff I bought since Boxing Day! 👀

Hi there! Today’s post is about most of the stuff I bought since Boxing Day. There is one gift set I have no photo of because it’s already been packed up for the house move. The gift set is a Thierry Mugler Aura fragrance set (plus mini shower gel and mini body lotion). OK, now let’s look at the goodies I was able to take photos of!

I bought plenty of face masks. Primark had a number of heavily discounted face masks (some £1, some 50p), and I bought over 20. I also picked up 3 Yes To face masks for a total of £2 (reduced to clear for £1 each and a 3 for 2 offer on top at Boots). I also found Simple face masks at Poundland, Boots and B&M Bargains. They normally retail for £2.99 each, but most of them were £1, some £1.49.

A set of mini nail files from Superdrug. The set was 10p (clearance). Bioré Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar for £1.99 at Home Bargains!

A set of 4 Charcoal Self-Heating One Minute Masks from Bioré£1.99 at Home Bargains. And a set of 3 fruity face masks from Superdrug for £1.49 (I bought 2 sets).

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Micro Polish – 3 tubes for 60p each (clearance). A set of nail files – these were 50p at Poundland (clearance bin). I use glass nail files at home, but I always carry one of those cheapo files in my handbag.

Sanctuary Spa face mask set£2.99 at Superdrug. I bought 2 sets! I have no idea if these are any good, but I thought I might give one of these sets to a friend.

Imperial Leather Narwhal Always Love You and Imperial Leather Drop It Like A Sloth shower gels. I found these at Poundland – 400ml each for £1 each. I’m looking forward to using these cute shower gels! 😍

And this is most of what I bought since Boxing Day. I did buy 5 nail polishes (all Revlon, £1 each at Poundland), but these have been packed up for the move as well.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask. This sheet mask claims to be the “perfect antidote to dry city skin”. It contains a small number of botanical extracts which promise to “infuse active ingredients into the skin”.

This sheet mask is supposed to be used post-cleansing. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then massage the leftover essence into your skin…

I’ve given this mask a try, and I’m satisfied that it delivers on its promise. The essence is rich and hydrating without feeling heavy or being sticky. I’m happy with the fit of the mask too! All in all, I’d recommend this mask, and I know I’ll buy it again!

Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask is available as a 21ml single-use face mask. I paid £1.49 (B&M Bargains).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde