Nail Of The Day – Astor Fashion Studio 242 Aqua Leaf & Stamping With Rimmel Salon Pro 544 Bewitch & Flowers 02 Plate

Astor Aqua Leaf StampingHi there! This is a mani from a few weeks ago. In mid-July the UK enjoyed a few really hot summer days – and I wanted a ‘cool’ mani.

I painted my nails with Astor Fashion Studio 242 Aqua Leaf (two coats). I love this fresh and cute shade.

I didn’t want my mani to be too flashy – so I went for a simple green on green look.

I chose Rimmel Salon Pro 544 Bewitch as my stamping colour. It’s dark green in the bottle, but it goes on as a pretty medium greeen when it’s stamped on.

And I used my Flowers 02 stamping plate. I have no idea who makes this plate, but many online stores sell it.

I really love how this mani turned out. It looked cool and fresh and it had a strong holiday vibe. 🙂 Do you agree? Feel free to let me know what you think. And thanks for reading!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Astor Fashion Studio 242 Aqua Leaf & Stamping with Pueen 72

Astor Aqua Leaf PLUS Pueen 72Hi there! Here’s another quick nail post. My nails have recovered since I filed them down after breaking one a couple of weeks ago – this usually means that disaster is about to strike again…

But in the meantime I can paint and stamp as I like. 🙂 I’m now wearing Astor Fashion Studio 242 Aqua Leaf. This polish is quite thick so it wasn’t as easy to apply as I hoped. So yeah, it didn’t look right.

On top of that I woke up to streaks and sheet marks (I blame the hot weather) so I had to do something.

I thought stamping would be the easiest option, so I chose a random black nail polish and one of my Pueen stamping plates, Pueen 72 from Pueen’s first Stamping Buffet collection, to cover up the sheet marks.

It’s not perfect, but if you don’t stare at my nails for too long, you’ll probably agree that this mani doesn’t look too bad considering how horrible my nails looked when I woke up. Plus: I’ve learnt that all-over stamping is a great idea when you have little time to fix your mani properly.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde