October Beauty Awards

Hi there! Today’s post is about my favourite products in October. As always, I’ve chosen my top 3 from the products I’ve reviewed this month. And there are a few honourable mentions as well. 🙂

3rd place – Astor Soft Sensation Lipstick 114

I love this lipstick and I’ll be wearing it a lot this autumn and winter.

Runner-Up – Claire’s Popcorn Popcorn Flavoured Lip Balm

Claire’s Popcorn Popcorn Flavoured Lip Balm was a lovely surprise. It’s the best lip balm since My Little Pony’s melon-flavoured lip balm.

WINNER – Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Tonic

How obvious was it that this toner would be my favourite product this month?! Superdrug’s glycolic tonic has blown me away. It really is a game-changer!

Over the summer I’ve developed dark patches on my face again (it’s actually a skin condition that’s called melasma, as I found out a few months ago). Getting rid of those patches is not easy at all, but this toner got it done. I’ve already bought 4 back-up bottles. I will continue to use this toner for as long as it’s made. This is truly an 11 stars product!

Onto the honourable mentions!

I’m still enjoying my Daily Defense Pomegranate shampoo and conditioner. This is the 4th Daily Defense hair care combo I’ve tried, and they’ve all been pretty awesome. If your local bargain store stocks Daily Defense hair products, you really should pick them up!

Another product line I enjoyed is the Wonder Woman toiletries collection which I picked up at Poundland. The shampoo is clarifying, the shower gel is gentle on the skin, and the fragrance roll-on is brilliant too. The products share the same lovely fragrance – rose and powder.

Have you tried any of these products? Would you like to try them? Which products have you been loving lately? Feel free to get in touch, and thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Weekly Recap 22 – 28 October 2018

Hi there! Happy Sunday! Today’s post is my weekly blog recap. Read on if you’d like to know what I’ve been up to on my blog this week.

Monday 22 Oct – Nail Of The Day
Tuesday 23 Oct – Primark Charcoal Peel Off Mask

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On Tuesday I reviewed a face mask. Click here to read the post.

Wednesday 24 Oct – Astor Soft Sensation Lipstick 114

Wednesday’s post was about a lipstick. Click here to read it.

Thursday 25 Oct – Nail Of The Day
Friday 26 Oct – Baylis & Harding Mango & Mandarin Fragrance Mist

Thursday’s post was another Nail Of The Day post. Click here to read it.
And on Friday I reviewed a body spray. Click here to read the post.

This is it for this week. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Astor Soft Sensation Lipstick 114

Hi there! Today’s short post is about Astor‘s Soft Sensation Lipstick. The shade I’m wearing is 114. I think this is a lovely shade for this time of year. It’s a soft berry to plum shade that suits a lot of skin tones. I love this shade because it looks good with my pale skin. Many darker berry or plum shades give me an unwanted gothic look, so this kind of shade is just right for me. 🙂

I’m also in love with the formula. This is a super creamy lipstick that feels lovely on my lips. Whilst this lipstick doesn’t survive a meal, it lasts well if I don’t drink or snack every couple of minutes. And it lasts pretty much all day if I seal it with a lipliner (yes, a plain and simple lip liner). All in all, I’m very happy that I picked up this pretty lipstick for £1 at one of the bargain stores!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde