Nail Of The Day – Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Key Lime & Stamping With Pueen 65 (Partial Nail Fail)

Barry M Gelly Key Lime and StampingHi there! Since this week is nail week, this is another NOTD post. As you can see from the title, it’s a partial fail. Ah well, there’s always something… 😉

Let’s start! I painted my nails with Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Key Lime. This polish was almost opaque in one coat – brilliant!

I wanted the mani to look summery and tropical, so I chose Pueen’s 65 stamping plate which is part of Pueen’s Stamping Buffet collection.

The black polish I used to stamp on the images is NYC In A Minute 001 Evil. Everything went well – and then I noticed the blob on the ring finger…

Lately I seem to be prone to polish blob accidents. I certainly wished I could have avoided this one! However, all in all I was quite happy with this mani. I liked the green base and the tropical floral images. So whilst this mani is a partial fail, it’s also a partial success. 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Foils & Stamping – Featuring Rimmel, Barry M & Pueen

Foils & StampingHi there! A couple of weeks ago I did a foils & stamping mani. I really liked how it turned out. So I thought I could try something similar – but this time with green base colours.

I selected Rimmel Salon Pro 544 Bewitch (index, pinky) and Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Key Lime (thumb, middle and ring fingers) as my base colours.

Both polishes were almost opaque in one coat. Awesome stuff!

Then I used leftover foils to add some sparkle to the dark green polish.

The floral image I stamped on the light green polish is from Pueen’s 76 plate which is part of Pueen’s Buffet Leisure set.

I think this mani didn’t turn out as nice as the ‘original’ mani from a few weeks ago. But it looked OK. Please let me know how you like this mani. And thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde