Nail Of The Day – Revlon Colorstay 100 Buttercup & Stamping With Bundle Monster BM-S162 / Nail Art Challenge #27 Inspired By Artwork

Hi there! Today’s post is about a recent mani I did for the 31 Days Nail Art Challenge. With this mani I’ve completed challenge #27 Inspired By Artwork!

The artwork in question is the black cats print on the pale yellow scarf that one of my co-workers has been wearing for quite some time.

For this mani I painted my nails with Revlon Colorstay 100 Buttercup (2 coats). I don’t love this colour, but it came in handy for this mani!

The stamping plate I used is Bundle Monster’s BM-S162 plate (which is part of Bundle Monster’s Fuzzy and Ferocious collection).

The black stamping polish (not a real stamping polish) is Rimmel 60 Seconds 820 Hot Black To Go.

I didn’t like this mani at all. I rushed it, and it shows. I wore this mani for one day only. However, I’m glad I’ve completed the dreaded ‘artwork challenge’. Yay! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Cat Nails Featuring Essence, Revlon & Bundle Monster / Nail Art Challenge #7 Black & White Nails

uploadHi there! Last month I told you I wanted to do the 31 Days Nail Art Challenge – but on my own terms. And I said I wanted to do a few Halloween-themed manis.

So today’s mani is my attempt at Black & White nails (Nail Art Challenge #7) with a touch of Halloween – black cats! 🙂

For this mani I painted my nails with Essence The Gel Nail Polish 33 Wild White Days (two coats).

The cat image is one of my favourites. It’s on Bundle Monster’s BM-S162 plate (which is part of the Fuzzy And Ferocious collection).

The black polish I used to stamp is Revlon Colorstay 270 Stiletto.

I think this mani is really cute. I love it. Seriously, how cute are these black cats? Please feel free to let me know what you think. And thanks for reading!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Rimmel Lycra Pro 297 Show Off & Stamping With Bundle Monster BM S161 & BM S162 (Partial Nail Fail)

Rimmel Show Off + Kitty StampsHi there! Today’s nail of the day post is about the mani I did the other day. And let me say it right away – it’s a partial nail fail.

But let’s start from the beginning! I painted my nails with Rimmel Lycra Pro 297 Show Off (two coats).

I wanted cat nails, so I chose two cat-themed stamping plates – Bundle Monster BM S161 and BM S162.

The images on the ring finger and middle finger are from the BM S161 plate – and I think these worked out fine.

The all-over black cats image on the pinky and index finger is from the BM S162 plate. The image is cute but it came out creepy. 😦

I really should have coloured in the cat’s eyes on the stamper… and this is what I’m going to do when I do the next cat mani. So whilst this mani didn’t look as I wanted it to, I know what to do next time.

Thank you for stopping by!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde