Boots Botanics Revive & Protect Postbiotic Facial Mist With Black Tea & Kombucha

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Boots Botanics Revive & Protect Postbiotic Facial Mist With Black Tea & Kombucha for all skin types.

According to Boots, this face mist is rich in probiotics and postbiotics which help revive dull skin and provide hydration. The result is calm and balanced skin and a healthier-looking complexion. This face mist can also be used to set make-up.

I’ve been using this face mist for a few weeks now, and I think it’s quite nice. Whilst I don’t care for its scent, it’s not bad or annoying. It’s just not very remarkable.

I’m happy with the refreshing hydration that this face mist provides. I like spraying it over my face after I’ve done my make-up, but I mainly use this face mist as the first post-cleansing step of my skin care routine, morning and night. I just spray it on my face and then I apply my serum. Then eye cream, moisturiser and so on…

I would recommend this face mist. If you’re interested, Boots Botanics Revive & Protect Postbiotic Facial Mist With Black Tea & Kombucha is available as 100ml. It’s currently £6.99. I paid less as I bought it when it was on special.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Weekly Recap 4- 10 April 2022

Hi there! Happy Sunday! This post is my weekly blog recap. I wrote 3 posts this past week, and here they are!

Monday 4 Apr – Radox Detoxed Bath Salts With Acai Berry

On Monday I reviewed these bath salts. Click here to read the post.

Tuesday 5 Apr – Anna Sui La Vie De Bohème Body Lotion
Wednesday 6 Apr – Boots Botanics Refreshing Toning Spritz

Tuesday’s post was about a body lotion. Click here to take a look.
On Wednesday I reviewed a face mist. Click here to read the post.

This is already it for this week. Thanks for stopping by! xo

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Small Haul! Boots, Wright’s, Little Soap Company, M&S, Botanical Lab & Nivea

Hi there! Today’s post is about a bunch of products I bought recently. It’s not that many. And here they are:

Boots Glow Banana Toner, 100ml for £5 (plus “points received” for buying this products – I would have bought it anyway, so the points worth £1 were welcome).
Boots Rose Toner, 150ml for £1.75. This rose toner will replace my used-up Garnier rose toner.
Wright’s Traditional Soap With Coal Tar Fragrance, 85p. Finally!
Little Soap Company Sweet Orange Soap, £1.85. I liked the look of this soap!

Boots Botanics Revive & Protect Postbiotic Facial Mist (100ml) and Boots Botanics Refreshing Toning Spritz (150ml) – these were £11.98 together (Buy 1 Get 2nd Half Price deal, usually £7.99 each).
Nivea Refreshing Face Wash
, 150ml for £2.10. This face wash has been around forever, but this is the first time I bought it!

Botanical Lab Neem Leaf + Salicylic Acid Gentle Face Wash, 150ml for £2.
Botanical Lab Pumpkin & Papaya Enzymes + AHA Daily Tonic, 200ml for £3. Both of these products were half price with Tesco Clubcard!

M&S The Fragrance Collection Vanilla & Woods Eau De Toilette, 2 x 100ml for £10 each.
M&S Spiced Bergamot Eau De Toilette, 200ml for £6.25 (half price post-Christmas clearance sale).

M&S Alphabet Personalised Gift Set, £6.25 (half price post-Christmas clearance sale).

They had all sorts of different letters in the sale. I picked a random one. The contents of the set would always be the same.

And this is everything. A bunch of cheap and cheerful items that I look forward to giving a try!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde