Boots Extracts Brazil Nut Body Butter

Hi there! In the past few months I’ve reviewed quite a few Superdrug own brand products and I think that reviews of some of my favourite Boots own brand products are way overdue. One of my favourite body moisturisers is Boots Extratcs Brazil Nut Body Butter.

Whilst Boots has redesigned the packaging of its entire Extracts collection, the quality and the scent of this body butter remained the same. This means that this product is still the ultimate cookie dough body butter! 🙂 I kid you not. This body butter smells just as sweet and delicious as vanilla cookie dough!
Extracts Brazil Nut
Yes, I know that brazil nuts don’t smell or taste like cookie dough at all, but seriously, who would want to smell like bitter and pungent brazil nut oil? Well, not many people. So it’s a good thing that Boots took the moisturising benefits of brazil nut oil, but opted for a fragrance that is sweeter and even more delicious than its vanilla or chocolate body butters.

I really love this body butter; it’s an excellent moisturiser that doesn’t stick to clothes. I also love to use it on my hands, especially in winter, because this butter is so much more moisturising than any regular hand cream. So would I recommend this body butter to a friend? You bet!

Boots Extracts Brazil Nut body butter is available as 200 ml for ÂŁ6 in Boots stores or online. Boots also does a body wash, a body scrub and a body lotion with the same irresistible fragrance.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde