Boots Ingredients Sheet Masks – Which One Is Best?

Hi there! Today’s post is about ALL the sheet masks Boots offers under its “Ingredients” brand. Since I’ve tried all the masks, here’s what I think. 🙂

Boots Ingredients Super Hyaluronic Sheet Face Mask

Let’s start with my least favourite Ingredients mask! I was expecting Boots’ Super Hyaluronic to provide proper hydration. However, the mask left me disappointed because it didn’t hydrate my skin at all. I wouldn’t say it was dehydrating, but it wasn’t really that far off. I gave this mask a second chance, but I had the same experience. I wouldn’t recommend this mask, and I wouldn’t buy it again.

Boots Ingredients Lotus Flower & Tiger Lily Sheet Face Mask

This is another Ingredients mask that I wouldn’t recommend or buy it again. Whilst this mask didn’t dehydrate my skin, it just didn’t do anything. It didn’t brighten my skin, it didn’t make my skin look more radiant, it didn’t make my skin look or feel different at all. If I hadn’t used this mask, I wouldn’t have missed it.

Boots Ingredients Rooibos Sheet Face Mask

Now we’re moving on to the better Ingredients face masks! I really enjoyed the Rooibos mask because it made my skin look and feel energised and refreshed. This is a great face mask! Well done, Boots!

Boots Ingredients Safflower & Peony Sheet Face Mask

This is another great Ingredients mask. I’d rate it slighter higher than the Rooibos mask because this one delivered on its younger looking skin promise! Thank you, Boots!

Boots Ingredients Charcoal & Willow Bark Sheet Face Mask

And here’s my favourite! This mask has impressive skin cleansing and purifying powers. My skin looked and felt clearer and cleaner, my pores appeared smaller, my skin tone appeared to be more even, and my skin felt calmer overall. This mask is one of the best masks I’ve ever tried, and I would recommend it to everyone with (or without) problem skin.

Have you tried any of the Ingredients masks? Or would you like to try them? Feel free to comment. And thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Haul! New Products From Boots, Montagne Jeunesse, TK Maxx, L’Oréal, Sukin, Una Brennan, Alberto Balsam & My Little Pony

Hi there! Today’s post is about the new products I bought in July. Here they are:

Boots Ingredients sheet masks are £2.50 each. But Boots ran a 4 for £3 promotion (Online only!), so I had to buy 4. I would have been stupid not to take advantage of the offer! I opted for 2 Luminous Youth masks (had them before, loved them), 1 Super Hyaluronic mask, and 1 Cleansing & Purifying mask.

I thought Montagne Jeunesse did masks (face, hair and foot masks) only. So I was surprised to find 2 body moisturisers at my local Poundworld store. I got a Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie and a Goji Berry Body Smoothie. £1 each.

I was happy to pick up a L’Oréal Elvive Smooth & Polish Thermo Detangling Spray for £1 (Poundland). And I got myself an Ekél Natural Clean Peeling Gel with Grape (£4.99, TK Maxx) and a Skinfood Mud Masque (£4.99, TK Maxx).

Two more Sukin products moved in with me! Sukin’s Clarifying Facial Tonic was £4.99 and Sukin’s Anti-Pollution Facial Masque was £5.99. The OM SHE Aromatherapy Skin Lift Hydrating Face Serum was £4.99. These 3 products came from TK Maxx.

And these are the last 3 products: Super Facialist By Una Brennan Pore Purifying Clay Mask (£4.99, TK Maxx), Alberto Balsam Colour Bright Detangler + UV Filter and My Little Pony Leave-In Hair Detangler. The 2 detangling sprays came from Poundworld, and they were £1 each.

This is what I bought in July. Lots of masks, I know! I’ll try to review all these products asap. Any comments? Feel free to get in touch. And thanks for reading! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Boots Ingredients Luminous Youth Sheet Face Mask With Safflower & Peony

Hi there! Today I’m reviewing a new face mask – Boots Ingredients Luminous Youth Sheet Face Mask with Safflower & Peony.

Boots says that this mask contains safflower and peony extracts which, apprently, leave skin looking and feeling younger. In addition, Boots says the mask helps to improve skin tone and texture. This sounds great, doesn’t it?

I’ve tried the mask, and whilst I’m not 100% happy with it, I know I will buy it again. But before I tell you what’s good, let me start with the things I’m not happy with.

First of all, this mask fits extremely poorly. The eyeholes are huge, the parts that go on the cheeks are too big and too wide, the part that goes on the nose is too short and too small in general… it’s all wrong. It looks like the mask was tailored to fit Stewie Griffin‘s face! I’m well aware that sheet masks can’t fit every face shape, but Montagne Jeunesse did a much better job with their Glacial Spa fabric mask!

Another thing that annoys me quite a bit is the waste of product that comes with sheet masks. Let’s be honest, 20ml of product is quite a lot! And unfortunately most of the actual product gets left behind in the sachet. So whilst I discarded the sheet mask after I’d used it, I resealed the sachet to keep the leftover product fresh – and I used said leftover product, which lasted me for almost a week, as a night cream. Some of you might think this is extreme. However, I think it’s more like not being too wasteful. 😉

Anyway, let’s get to what’s good about this mask! I liked how the mask felt on my face. It was cool (not cold) and actually relaxing. On the back of the sachet it said that the product may cause a tingling sensation – but I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. If this mask had caused a stingling (= stinging and /or tingling) sensation, I would have washed my face right away. But yeah, everything was perfectly fine and nothing bad happened!

What else is good? When I took off the sheet mask, I noticed that my face looked younger. Sure, my complexion looked like always, but the fine lines on my forehead were gone. Pouf – Gone! I still don’t understand how this is even possible – but it happened! Sure, I was tired and about to go to bed, but I took a close look and I know what I saw. OK, the fine-lines-be-gone effect only lasted until I washed my face in the morning, but I was (and still am) very impressed!

I’ve also enjoyed using this mask as a night cream for a few days. The rich formula is just perfect for my dry skin. And in all honesty, I’d be perfectly happy if Boots ditched the sheet mask and sold the actual mask as a face cream or as a leave-on mask instead. I’d buy it!

So all in all, would I recommend this face mask? Absolutely! But please make the most of the product, OK? 🙂

Boots Ingredients Luminous Youth Sheet Face Mask with Safflower & Peony is available for £2.50 at Boots. I got my Ingredients face masks when Boots ran a 2 for £3 promotion. So don’t forget to check for offers before you buy!

Any thoughts? Please feel free to comment. And thanks for reading!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde