Empties – August 2016

Hi there! It’s the 1st of September – this means it’s time for the monthly empties post. Again, I managed to use use up quite a few products (I’ve done well this summer!), so here’s what I’ve said goodbye to in August.
Empties 082016 1
1 Jennifer Lopez Live EDP (100ml) – I’ve worn this fragrance on and off for about five years. It’s one of my favourite fragrances and a guilty pleasure because in real life I try my best not to tell people that I’m in love with a J Lo fragrance. However, I’m happy to recommend this fragrance on my blog (Try it!) and I’m just as happy to tell you I have another 100ml back-up bottle!

2 NSPA Passionfruit Fragrance Body Mist (200ml) – I’ve used this body mist on and off since last summer – as a body and scarf spray. 🙂 It’s a decent fruity body mist. But I won’t buy another bottle because I’ve got too many fragrances and fragrance mists, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, simple, fresh, fruity and tropical body mist, I’d definitely recommend you try this one.

3 Alverde Grapefruit & Kiwi Body Spray (100ml) – I bought this body spray in 2010 and I’ve finally used it up. I actually liked this body spray. The fragrance is (well, was) 95% kiwi – very fresh, a little sweet and a little tangy! This one was a limited edition, so it’s no longer available. But I wouldn’t repurchase it anyway because I’ve got other fragrances that want to be used up!
Empties 082016 2
4 Original Source Extreme Deep Clean Liquorice Body Scrub – I’ve used this one on and off since mid-July. If you love liquorice, you need to try this shower scrub. It’s brilliant. My husband likes this scrub too. And since he’s also used it a couple of times, this one is a shared empty. And yes, I have a back-up bottle. 🙂

5 I Love… Raspberry Vanilla Shower Cream – I’ve used this one on and off since May. It’s very nice! It’s sad that it has been discontinued. 😦

6 Imperial Leather Revitalising Grapefruit & Pomegranate Shower Cream – I’ve used this one on and off since mid-June. It’s a super refreshing shower cream that’s perfect for those summer days when it’s too hot to use a body lotion after the shower. Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and I can’t buy it again. But I’ve got at least two back-up bottles.
Empties 082016 3
7 Boots Botanics Skin Brightening Deep Clean Gel – one of the best face washes I’ve ever tried. I’ve used this face wash on and off since mid-May and I’m very happy with the results. But I’ve used this face wash before so I knew how brilliant this product is. Unfortunately this face wash has been discontinued, so I can’t buy it again. But I have three tubes left, so there’s no need for me to panic.

8 Rimmel 60 Seconds 740 Clear – one of my favourite clear polishes. Applies like a charm, dries quickly…. I have several back-up bottles and I’ll continue to buy this polish for as long as I can find it.

9 Dove Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream – my go-to hand cream until it was almost empty and I forgot about it. But I’ve made an effort to use it up now. I really liked this hand cream. Too bad it’s been discontinued.
Empties 082016 4
10 Herbal Essences (Rainforest Flowers) Sensuously Smooth Conditioner – one of the best conditioners ever made. It made my hair feel incredibly smooth and soft. This conditioner mops the floor with comparable drugstore conditioners that promise smooth hair! Whilst I have a few back-up bottles of the shampoo and the conditioner, I think it’s very sad that the wonderful Rainforest Flowers collection has been discontinued. 😦

11 Radox Brazilian Fusion – a decent shower gel that’s actually more of a shower cream. It smells of white flowers which is nice, but not very special. This empty is another shared empty (my husband used this shower gel a few times too last month). This shower gel has been discontinued – but I wouldn’t rush out to repurchase it anyway.

12 Bronnley Lemon & Neroli Body Lotion – a light moisturiser that’s perfect for summer. This lotion doesn’t feel sticky at all – and it’s paraben-free! Whilst I don’t think I’ll repurchase this particular body lotion (it’s £12 for 250ml), I would recommend it to anyone who loves the classic fragrance of lemon and neroli and who doesn’t mind spending a little more on a body lotion.

13 (no photo) – I’ve used several face masks (Superdrug, Montagne Jeunesse) – but as usual, I didn’t keep the empty (=messy) sachets.

So this is what I emptied last month. Not too bad, eh? This month is going to be awesome for empties as I’m making it a priority to use up several travel-sized products and to empty a few half full bottles, tubs and tubes which I have plenty of!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Bronnley Lemon & Neroli Body Lotion

Bronnley Lemon Neroli 02Hi there! Not too long ago I tried Bronnley’s Lemon & Neroli Bath & Shower Wash. And now’s the time to summarise what I think about the matching body lotion.

Bronnley’s Lemon & Neroli Body Lotion is a light moisturiser with a non-greasy formula. It’s a bit like Olay’s Beauty Fluid, but for the body! 🙂

In regards to the scent, Lemon & Neroli is a classic fragrance – but it’s quite dated by today’s standards. However, I really like the fresh and zesty fragrance.

I think this is a very nice moisturiser. It won’t be a winter favourite, but it would be perfect for summer because of the light formula and the fresh scent.

Bronnley’s Lemon & Neroli Body Lotion is available as 250 ml (it used to be 300 ml) for £12 (Bronnley’s web site), but it can be found much cheaper elsewhere. I found mine for £1.99 at a discount store!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Bronnley Lemon & Neroli Bath & Shower Wash

Bronnley Lemon Neroli showerHi there! Ages ago I received a small bag full of sample-sized toiletries as a wedding favour. The bride knew I loved toiletries, so she compiled a small bundle of bath & shower treasures for me.

One of the products from this gift bag was this shower gel: Bronnley Lemon & Neroli Bath & Shower Wash. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem. It lathers very well and even though it’s not a shower cream, it’s quite gentle to the skin.

However, I’m a bit on the fence about the scent. Lemon & Neroli is a combination that’s often considered to be old-fashioned by today’s standards. Whilst I find the scent pleasant, I don’t think it’s special. Saying this, I really want to try the matching body lotion because I’m sure that Bronnley’s toiletries are of good quality in general.

Bronnley is a traditional brand and a British Royal Warrant holder. This means that the company supplies its products to the Royal Family.

Whilst Bronnley is not a brand that would appeal to teenagers and twenty-somethings, I’ll definitely try more of their products; Bronnley’s fragrances seem to be good value!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde