Bubble Gum Heaven – Dolly’s Mixtures Bubble Gum ‘Blown Away’ Shower Gel

Dolly Bubble Gum ShowerHi there! If you remember that I’m totally obsessed with Carex’s Bubble Gum hand wash and hand gel, you probably know where this post is heading. 😉

You guessed it! Here’s another addition to my bubble gum scented toiletries collection – it’s this Dolly’s Mixtures Bubble Gum ‘Blown Away’ Shower Gel.

I love this shower gel! It smells absolutely delicious. I think everyone should try it.

The scent is a bit different from Carex’s signature bubble gum scent, but that’s OK because this shower gel smells really yummy as it is.

This shower gel is also very gentle which is great if you have dry or sensitive skin.

The Dolly’s Mixtures range is exclusive to Asda. It all started with a few shower gels, but now there are body mists (so far no bubble gum) and lip jellies.

Dolly’s Mixtures products are usually £2 each, but every now and then they’re £1 only at Asda!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Product of the Month: Carex Fun Edition Bubble Gum Refreshing Hand Gel

Carex Bubble Gum Hand GelHi there! If you follow my blog and read even my most random posts, you know that I am obsessed with Carex Bubble Gum hand wash.

Now imagine my delight when I found a hand gel with the same fragrance last week! 😀

OK, this is only a hand gel. I realise this. But seriously, I love this bubble gum scent so much. And I bought a bottle for my husband too!

So yes, Carex Fun Edition Bubble Gum Refreshing Hand Gel is my product of the month. At the moment it’s 99p only at Asda and Superdrug, so there’s no excuse not to buy it.

And don’t forget to buy the Carex Bubble Gum hand wash! It’s the most delicious hand wash I’ve ever had. I love it that when I wash my hands with it before I go to bed, I can still smell it when I wake up in the morning.

If there is such a thing as The Ultimate Happy Time Hand Wash, then this is it!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde